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    Pull up to do a residential lot today...soon after, a couple guys pull up to the house next to me. The guys have a nice half-ton truck, a first generation 60" Lazer, and some other good equipment. I start mowing on a 60" Lazer as well while my crew mate is trimming. This is a real picky neighborhood, so I'm mowing at about half to 3/4 speed, and laying down real straight stripes. I look over for a see the guy mowing on his lazer at what was def. full speed. He was on a corner lot that wasn't as big as mine, and going so fast that he was literally fishtailing in some spots. I was afraid that he was going to run into my mower or something else. On top of that, he kept staring me down and smirking, as if to say "look how good and fast I am at driving this." Man this guy had some kind of ego problem. I'm young and so was he, so I guess that made it worse or something. Needless to say, he finished before me. My yard looked as good as possible. His yard had scalp marks and uneven cutting everywhere, without any pattern whatsoever. I'm not one to brag about being better, but irks me to see people with that kind of attitude. I just hope he learns what he is doing or doesn't last. I'm betting that the customer won't be too happy, as he used to push mow it himself, and it looked perfect.
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    you're sweet::clapping:
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    the customer might not give a crap. thats why he's paying some dumbazz to do his lawn.
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    You may see that next door neighbor sometime and if you do, just have a "friendly" conversation. That wouild be a great stop for you. Tell him you will give him quality for the same price. the thing is, is that you will make ALOT more money on that job than he ever can because YOU are already there.
  5. dcgreenspro

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    keep laying down those nice lines and making the property look good and soon enough, you'll be doing that prop. as well.
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    I just don't understand why someone would mow a yard like a maniac like that, going that fast and tearing things up. BUT...its because of idiots like that and their poor work that I was offered jobs from people who were tired of that crappy work. So let that guy mow like an idiot all he wants. Maybe that will get your work noticed more if the yards are so close. Might not be a bad deal.
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    In the end quality will win. The neighbors will likely talk and realize the other guy is getting ripped if his lawn looks like crap. Just keep up the quality work and good things will come of it.
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    Quality will win over evil. Ha!

    I know this guy that is always telling me about all the yards he has lost. Know why he loses yards. Not price... very reasonable. It Quality. His guy on the mower cuts like is behind is on fire and has fire ants chewing on his privates. Skid marks and torn sod all over the place. He uses a Gravely 52 Hydro for most of his yards.
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    I didn't know you could fishtail a Z, might have to look into one now... Wonder what else it can do?
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    I just pickup up a neighbor to a current customer for that exact reason..... I just turned a $40 stop into a $80 stop.....you gotta love that....

    quality is king...


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