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    My friends Dad is the president of a school for mentally challenged people. He asked me last year if I wanted the contract to do 4 seperate facilities, one of which is much larger, one is a small office building, and the other 2 are schools. 3 of the buildings are within 4 miles of each other the furthest from me about 12 miles away. The other is about 2 miles from me. They were not satisfied with the company last year and are accepting bids till friday but he has said so long as I'm in the ballpark with the rest the job is as good as mine.

    Problem...I've never bid a job this big. Do I feel like I'm capable of it, yes. Is it too much to chew, might be a big piece but I know I can swallow it.

    They didn't give me any contract they have or site specs which I know is common with commercials involving multiple sites.

    First site is the largest. I measured total mowing at 90,000sqft, or just over 2 acres. About 1 hour of trimming and blowing. And 50 shrubs, 40less then 4 feet, and 10 around 10-15 feet. And 10 yards of mulch with minimal spring cleaning.
    I was thinking around $120 for mow, and $60 for trim/blow=$180/week.

    $180/week*28 weeks(25 cuts plus 3 double cuts in fall)=$5040 for weekly.
    Mulch-$55/yard installed*10=$550 plus $350 for spring cleanup=$900

    Second site is small. 1/10 of acre mowing equals $45/week*28=$1260
    2 yards mulch=$110 spring clean-up=$90
    5 shrubs@20$=$100
    Total=$1500 call it

    Third site is 1/3 acre. $60/week*28=$1680
    3 yards mulch=$165
    8 shrubs=$160
    Spring clean-up=$150

    Last site is 1/3 acre also. $60/week*28=$1680
    No mulch
    4 large shrubs @$40*4=$160

    4 sites total =$11750

    I plan on breaking it down in the bid this same way in greater detail, itemizing each loaction with a bottom line for all 4. There is no flower garden upkeep and the property manager says parking lot sweeping is not needed. Does this seem like an accurate estimate based on the sizes of the property? And would is the shrub prices seem accurate, one trim for the year? I may make the first site $200 weekly. Should I cut money off the bottom line as part of a package deal, I already have several residentials near the 3 sites farthest from me so it will be one day in that area with minimal driving.

    What other information do I need to include in the bid? Proof of insurance? I don't have any commercials to get references from either, any recomendations?

    Thanks guys, any help is greatly appreciated, I have till Friday but said I'll have it in by Tuesday. I'll post pics of the large site once I upload them.
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    bump the first one to at least 200 and are you only trimming the shrubs once a year? or on a schedule. might not want to give a total for the year cause they may need trimming more

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    The shrubs won't need trimming for a few months they look really good right now. I was thinking I'd include one trim in the contract for just prior to 4th of July and if they need to be done again do it as a billable. Sound reasonable? As soon as I find the cord to my camera I'll add pics.
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    pix please....sounds like your close, but something with that much, I'd through in a little more for the unknowns.
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    I don't know anything about the climate in maine or pricing, but I think you're bidding it way low.

    I would also ask this guy what services he's getting now so you can quote apples to apples. If you've got a good relationship, just ask him if he will let you review the current bids that he has taken.

    Chances are the other companies may be offering the following as well.
    Fertilization and weed control
    Bed applications for weed control, insects, and fertilization.
    Parking lot weed control and sterilization.
    Irrigation start-up and winterization
    winter leaf removal
    snow plowing?
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    I like ur way of bidding, only thing i would add is the price of fuel this summer! It going to go up!:cry:

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    I went back to the site today. I'm definitly going to raise the price on the first site to $200/week. As for the other site, I think I may be over, between the 3 there is maybe an hour and a half of work a week, about a half acre total mowing and the shurbs at last site won't need trimming actually. As for fertilization I know the previous company didn't do it because the owner is this 45 year old guy who was in my arboriculture class and he was in the IPM class this semester trying to get his license. The plow contract is seperate. Pics in a few minutes if I figure it out.

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    The 3rd picture and the last picture are both discharged with 48inch, total about 70,000 square feet, or 1.7 acres. Rest of the small areas need to be bagged and inside the pool pushed. As you can see most of the shrubs are between knee and waste high and 35 of them surround an entire building so it will be just going right down the line. I figure the 2 fields should take me around an hour with 48inch, the push mowing about 15 minutes, bagging small areaswith walker about half hour and trimming about 45 minutes. Total of 2.5 hours, rounded up to 3 at $60/hour is where I got the $180. An even $200 will allow for any slow-ups and the walkbehind will be used around the ditch. One person discharging other bagging then trim/blow should be outta there in hour and a half easily. Sound like I'm in the ballpark?????????

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