Aint no guessin where I make my zero turns!


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I have just got me a Toro Z Master and when I make my zero turns I am putting circular spots in the yard, I mean it is eating the grass up. Is there a trick to eliminating this. I'm sure it is probably the way I am operating it, but I don't know. If I don't learn how to operate it I'm going to have to call my lawn care buisness, "CROP CIRCLE LAWN CARE. :)


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Upstate NY
one wheel forward, one wheel backward.


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I have a toro z-master and you can do all the forward backward you want they still scuff you will find the tires on the 200 seris better I talked to a dealer and he said that the tires on the 200 wear out faster but they don't scuff he said you will probably have to replace them every season. I guess you have to sacrifice<br>


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Take an hour and go to a city park or open area and run around for a while. It does take practice to be a good operator and like Kevin said above , you have to keep both wheels turning, if you dont you pivot and that digs lawn and eventually loses customers. Good Luck

Jim B

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There is actualy no such thing as &quot;Zero Turn&quot; without scuffing. I use sort of a &quot;T&quot; type turn. As I come to the end of a pass I curve slightly then curve oposite in reverse then proceed with the next pass.


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Darin, don't worry about making a true Zero-turn. Use the &quot;t&quot; turn like JIM B says and after you complete your stripes, make your borders passes to get the little spots where you turned. Good luck, Bill

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