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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Ralph Wiggum, Dec 30, 2006.

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    I am looking to buy a compressor for blowing out my system, I am not a pro and dont need anything crazy. What would be my best bet? I have 4 zones, 2 in front and 2 in the back. Each zone in the front has 5 or 6 hunter rotars and from the house to the last head is about 50 feet. The back yard is small. How many gal tank do i need and how many CFM? Or can someone just tell me what model to get.. Thanks:)
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    Rainbird recommends a minimum of 11 cfm compressor. Don't be thinking about tank size as the tank will empty quickly and you need a compressor that will give you some volume. We use 60 psi will 19 cfm for our blowouts.
    These compressors are not cheap as many of our customers have discovered.

    Pay me now or pay me later!!!

    Good luck,

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    A search of this site will find we have beat this horse to death time and again. The "answer" is you can get it done w/ a bicycle pump IF your main line is tight and you have lots of energy and patience. A 4-5 cfm DIY size garage compressor $150-$200 will do it if your patient, not in a hurry, and nothing goes wrong. One zone sticks on and refuses to close w/ air, you get to start over and could still open that one last and be ok. A second valve decides to be pesky, and suddenly, you need a lot of air flow or your not going to get things done properly. 1600+ systems this year. I got all our problems. Found two myself, and went back to three others. Also did one for a guy in your situation. One zone stuck open with air and would not close. He had a 12 cfm electric from a friends shop. It didn't have enough to blow two zones at once and he didn't know how to make adjustments. What are you saving yourself by doing it yourself? $75? or even $100? What is your saturday worth to you? If I'm not working, that day off is worth a lot. Now, a day in January when I can't work and can't spend time with the kids..........I can "waste" a lot of time vs spend money. A saturday off when I can be "Dad"......I'll pay someone else. Not to winterize a sprinkler obviously, but car repair, HVAC, etc. If its not my regular line and its going to cost me in time for a few bucks, I got to spend the TIME where it counts.

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