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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottm1, Oct 15, 2007.

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    I am looking at a Scag 26hp 61 inch deck. The dealer does not have a air cooled unit left, but has offered me the same mower, same hp, only with a liquid cooled engine, for the same price. Normally the liquid cooled is more money. Should I take it, or should I stay away from water cooled? Liquid cooled seems like more future maintenance expense even if it is the same price now. Any opinions?
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    I would take it! They will last longer and it's probably a Kawasaki so it's a proven engine (as all Scags engines are). I do like the simplicity of an air cooled but at the same price I would take liquid cooled. You just have a little more maintenance and need to watch it a little closer (don't let it get too hot).

    Nothing wrong with liquid cooled, but the simplicity and price are the selling points for air cooled engines. Hard to beat a 26/27 lc Kawasaki if that's what your looking at.

    Keep an eye out for fluid level, fans, themostats, keeping the radiator clean from debris etc.

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    They cut top.
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    You should have already signed the paperwork. There is a reason why automobiles and trucks are liquid-cooled...........Keep the heat cool. :usflag:
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    I have one and have only had one problem. The ROPS bumped a low hanging bird feeder and I got birdseed stuck in radiator fins. It took the better part of an hour to pick it all out. I placed a piece of fiberglass window screen under the metal screen provided by the manufactuer and it really helps catch small stuff that would get into the radiator and clog it. It cleans easy, one little latch to remove the metal screen, then shake the fiberglass piece off and replace. The other day when I mowed it was very dry and dusty, so the fiberglass screen was totally covered,but the engine never overheated according to the gauge, in fact the needle stayed on the lower side of the green middle, about normal, so I would think that there is more than ample cooling capacity there.

    I would go for it in a hurry at the same price as the air cooled model.
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    They run quieter w/ lc, too.

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