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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by K c m, Dec 13, 2004.

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    Last week I bought an exmark 48" belt drive. I have only run two 36's and the filter is obviously different. My question is do i put oil on the new 48 filter squeeze it out like i do with the 36's? or do i just let it be. I was only given the operators manuel and parts manuel and by the time i realized i was to far away :(. He is in the process of sending it to me im just curious to know.

    thank you.
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    I'm assuming you have the Kawi twin cylinder engines.........

    Here's a general rule of thumb the Kawasaki twins. Do not oil the foam precleaners on either style of filter. If you have a single cylinder Kawasaki, single or twin cylinder Kohler than oil the precleaners. Please remember however that these are general statements and you should rely on your engine operators manual for the most accurate information.


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    Thank you Terry. Problem resolved.

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