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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firefighter, Jun 24, 2003.

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    I learned a lesson today. My scag cub with a 23 kaw on it would not run right. Fouled out a plug so I replaced both plugs. Started to run ok, then it would run on one cyl. back and forth between one and two cyl. Fouled another plug. plug was black, running to rich ? I pulled the air cleaner of and it looked like new. The machine only has 90 hours on it. So I took it to the dealer and they found the air filler was plugged up ????????????. I change the prefilter every morning ( have two prefilters, wash one and let dry and use other) I have my doubt if the frefilter really does much. 75 % of my mowing has been in rain, wet grass, no dust. Don't make sense to me. I'm going to try and put a little bit of oil on prefilter and see if that helps.
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    I have a 15 H.P. Kaw. and it says Not to oil the Pre Filter.. I would only do it if the Manual said to.... Talking about Air Filters, My Scag is still pretty new, 100 hrs.. I noticed the RPM's were down a little. Thought may be it was just me, kept mowing a week or so and got worse. I took the filter off and tapped it gently, Looked clean. Then went and got my new spare. I held the used one up to see if I could see daylight from the Sun. Dark as Hell. Held the new one to see any difference and Wow. Looking at the old one looked clean, but after comparing the two I just put the new one on.. Hope this helps...

    Lou :cool:

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