Air Filters Cross Reference??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sonandfather, Jun 10, 2002.

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    We have 2 scags both with 25 Hp Kohler motors. The air filter is a Kohler 25 083 04 s inner air filter. The outer is 25 083 01 s for the 61 inch scag. The 52 inch mower air filter is a Kohler 2408303-5. Can I put another air filter on them and what do you recommend?? NAPA, fram? ANy others could you please let me know the Kohlers are really expensive. Thanks so much!!
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  2. Those auto parts places should have a cross reff book.

    They better cause it is in the same book as the rest.

    Don't go to the discount parts stores go to a full service one for this.

    Those numbers you gave are not in mine that I have here at the puter.

    I will try to cross them over Tuesday.
  3. Richard Martin

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    You're approaching this from the wrong direction. The cure is to prevent the filter from getting dirty and needing to be replaced in the first place. The factory filter on my Dixie Chopper with a 25 hp Kohler still looks brand new. It has 270 hours on it and I used it last fall to mulch leaves. Get a cannister filter and turbo precleaner from and you will only need to replace the cannister filter once a year.
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    Have you thought about a K&N filter? I've used those in the past w/ good luck. You can email K&N directly and give them the dimensions of your filter and they will tell you what the part number they have that matches it. You'll never have to buy another filter again.
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    The last filters i have got where at lesco. They were about one third the price of the factory filters.
  6. captdevo

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    just remember, you get what you pay for!

    "cheaper doesn't mean it saves you money"

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