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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ofishil, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. ofishil

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    I have a scag 48" with Kaw. 17hp. I dont know the proper names for this thing but I will call it a bowl. If you are looking at the mower from the front its on the right on the bottom of the engine. It is silver color. Well it was leaking gas and i went to the scag dealer and asked for a new part and the mechanic said all you have to do is take it off and reset it and it will stop leaking. So i did that and it stopped. There is a little bolt with a spring on it. I think its for the air. Well in all my wisdom i decided to make sure it doesnt leak anymore i would tighten up that little bolt. So now i am fouling plugs. the first one that was already on the mower and a new one. So i am thinking it is because of my wisdom of me moving that screw. It may be called a air flow regulator (thats what my friend called it over the phone). So the question is if it is all the way tight is there a certain number of turns to set back where it is supposed to go. Thanks....
  2. ofishil

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  3. Travis Followell

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    I'm not familiar with Kaw. engines but I would say to back the srew off a little and see if it helps. Just keep adjusting on it and you should get it. Also you may want to check your engine manual. I'm sure there is something in there about the carb. adjustment.
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    i would first shut off the fuel. Then remove the adjustment screw you talk about,look at the end of the screw make sure you didn't mushroom the end of it from tighting to much.If its good reinstall, but snug,now unscrew it 1.5-2 times,start your eng.After it warms up it may require to be fine tuned by moving screw in or out in half turns.Good luck!!
  5. ofishil

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    i didnt think about mushrooming the tip... I will check and let you guys know. Thanks
  6. Goodguy001

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    one - two turns is correct
  7. The Doctor

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    First of all, there is nothing to "reset" inside the carb to keep it from leaking gas. If it's leaking it either has a hole in the bowl, a needle and seat that's not sealing or a leaking bowl gasket. I'm gonna guess that the screw you're talking about is up on the main body of the carb and screws into it parallel to the ground (not the screw at the bottom of the bowl). If this is it, that's the idle air mixture screw (makes it run rough or smooth at idle only). If you screwed this screw in, that's why you're fouling plugs now. You've cut the air off on the idle circuit causing it to run rich. What someone said earlier about setting the screw at 1.5-2 turns out is definately correct though you will have to fine tune it from there. Set it at 1.5-2 turns out, crank it up and let it come to an idle, slowly turn the screw in until it starts to die down, then back it out until it runs as fast and as smooth as possible and leave it there. You still have a leaking gas problem to deal with. Need to know if the gas is coming from the throat of the carb, leaking from the bowl gasket or if the bowl has a hole in it. Just a quick tip. If the bowl has a hole in it, this can easily and cheaply be fixed by cleaning the bowl and painting over the hole with the color of your choice of finger nail polish. Yes this works great and no gas will never take it off. Only acetone will.

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