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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mrs. H, Jun 25, 2008.

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    David has been approached by a property management company about taking care of an account in our area, and he was asked if he carried "Air Quality Emmissions insurance."

    We're obviously not as eco-conscieous as some others. We recycle and volenteer on the "Adopt a highway" stuff. But, this is a new one on us.

    The guy offered to sell it to us.

    Quick search showed the company is not only a property maintenance managing service, but also sells insurance. One BBB complaint about billing or charges that was resolved.

    My first gut reaction was "scam". They apparently gave him the job, but David wonders if in the future they would require this insurance. There's nothing like this in our General Liability Coverage. ??

    What are yall's thoughts?
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    Guys, I will check into this for you on Monday. As an agent, I have not gotten anything on my desk about. Here in Va., the pollution coverage from the GL is extremely limited. In most cases non existent. However, I will check it out and get back to you all. If you don't see a post next week reply to this board to remind me.

    2 things bother me about this:

    1) The fact that a person who is possibly requiring it is also selling it. It would be different if you were cutting for an agent who does this full time. Obviously they would standard coverages to protect them but this is a bit odd.

    2) We all know most property managers want to require everything on the planet but not pay for it. For example, most of these people are actually real estate agents and ask to be named as additional insureds on your policy. They ask for this while the "agent" is automatically name. This redundant request usually results in a charge to the LCO from their insurance company.

    It really gets silly. Next week guys.
  4. Mrs. H

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    This was my first red flag as well. I told David it didn't smell right to me. Like some sort of bait-and-switch or something. You can do this property, but you have to buy insurance from us. ???

    As is the case with most other commercial property managers we've dealt with. They've all asked to be added on the certificate of insurance. This company apparently did not ask that of us at all.

    One more "flag". David told me to call them back with the quote for regular services and get particulars. Gave me a name and extention. I've voice mail. She's called, left a message. I call back, get VM...she doesn't call back until the next day, etc, etc. I've yet to speak to anyone in 4 days. It seems that I would get a call back before the end of business day, at least. I forsee problems associated with getting paid for the work!! Their having a hard time communicating before the deal is done.
  5. VBsnow

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    I was thinking about it today when I received this notification someone had replied to the thread. How would someone make a claim for emissions? How would you quantify the damage. For example, I have seen claims for releasing freon into the atmosphere. They can be very large fines. That can be quanified by the amount the system held. How in the hell could you do it w/ a gas motor? Why would the LCO be responsible for a substance they are not told is dangerous like herbicides and pesticides? It does sound like BS. Mrs. H, can I have the name of the company and the state? I should be able to check their incorporation. Especially if they are an insurance agent. In addition, if they are not, you should report them to the state commisioner. Unfortunately, this will not get you the contract.

    In the end though, who knows? I can insure your golf tournament in case of a hole one prize being claimed. I have seen some silly things but this one just doesn't sit right.
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    "As is the case with most other commercial property managers we've dealt with. They've all asked to be added on the certificate of insurance. This company apparently did not ask that of us at all. "

    I was talking about the Additional Insured status. There is no charge from most agents for issuing certificates. At least not where I live. An Additional Insured status basically reverts any lawsuit they are served with as a result of your actions back to you. IF they are named in the suit it would make their legal fees and damages paid by you and your insurance company. As an AI, they are in fact insured by you while you work for them. But only in connection to your work. However, some people ask for even more coverage and you have to be careful of that. I always encourage my clients to let me review the insurance requirements BEFORE they take on the work. That way I can uncover hidden costs or forewarn them to negotiate the requirements.
  7. Mrs. H

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    I think we've been charged for this...It may be our area.

    See, I never asked and never knew. Learned something new. :)
  8. VBsnow

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    Mrs. H,

    I checked w/ others in my office and none of us have heard of it. I also did a web search which normally brings out a huge amount of worthless products. However, I am doubting this exists. I need to ask if you may have misheard them? Did they by any chance say 'errors and ommisions?' When I asked my boss she started talking about that type of coverage. This leads me to believe you may have heard it incorrectly not being familiar w/ the term. Or it could mean my boss doesn't listen when I talk.

    Let me know.
  9. Mrs. H

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    David said "sure" it is possible that the term is "Error" not "Air". (Southern accent will get ya' sometimes...for a year after we were married I thought David wanted to buy "more" when it was a "mower". ;) )

    The name of the Company is Feild Asset Services out of Texas.

    They won't return calls properly and David said he's really not worried about doing business with them, so...
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    Mabey Al Gore is selling insurance now

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