Airmax and Fram comparision

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What does a lawn guy do in the middle of winter? He puts the cutoff wheel in the angle grinder and opens up a couple of oil filters. Here's what I found.

The 2 victims were a Fram Extra Gard and a Airmax that I purchased for my Kawasakis.

Please keep in mind that these are just visual observations and I'm not a scientist.

The can on the Fram was made from a thinner material than the Airmax and deflected rather easily.

Both filters had the rubber bypass valve but the Fram valve required about 1/2 the pressure to move. This could be important because the less pressure it takes to get by the valve the sooner the oil stops being filtered.

The Fram filter had 39 pleats and the Airmax had 59. The more pleats a filter has the more area the filter has to filter with before clogging.

The inside of the Fram filter had about 1/3 the number of holes that the Airmax did. Since filters clog around the holes first it would be safe to assume that the Fram would clog up long before the Airmax.

The Fram had cardboard endcaps. The Airmax had metal endcaps. I don't need to tell you what happens to cardboard when it gets wet.

My conclusion is that the Fram filter is junk. Although I don't know how small of a particle the Airmax will filter I would use the Airmax before the Fram any day.


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I saw a link to a website some time ago (I think on this site) where a guy bought as many brands of oil filters as he could find and cut them up.

He too concluded that Fram was junk. (And I've been buying Fram all these years!)


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