AK 130 or ? for Start Up Business?

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Seeking, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Thinking of getting into some residential and perhaps small commercial sealcoating in the Spring. The AK130 seems ideal as an entry level machine but I cannot find any independent reviews or discussion of it. I like it can go in an F150 or 1500 or trailered behind it. The big SealMaster machines are somewhat expensive and cumbersome for me as I start out. Perhaps in the future someday, see how it goes. Any suggestions for me or input on the AK130 or similar machines is appreciated.
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    This has been discussed many times throughout this site. If the ak 130 seems ideal , u should read more.
    Its been years since I've read my sealer manufactures hand book, something to the effect of....
    Requires 25% water, 3 to 5 lbs sand per gal, agitation shall be of mechanical type.
    This is not only for quality n longevity of their product but is also required if any warranty is ever needed.
    It might b a cheep way to get started but seems like your going against the grain a bit.
    I'm sure it can be done, but like the guy said, u could start a lawn maintenance company with a 20 inch push mower, if you want.
    Maybe a lot of guys are earning somewhere around 100 per hr , give or take. For that type of income, you could n should invest a reasonable amount.
    Unless if you're not sure if u can handle hard,hot dirty work, then I guess it would make sense to set on the dock with your feet in the water.
    That type of income should pay for your investment quickly. As long as u r a motivated self starter.
    Anyway, mechanical agitation is a given in my book.
    The worst thing for impellers n housing's is sand and no sand equals neglagents.
    Choose wisely my friend.
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