Alabama Freeze Out


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Central Alabama
We, in Alabama, are experiencing something that is new to me. We had what appeared to be a very early spring. Dogwoods are almost done blooming..early azaleas are well past peak,,,etc. Tonight, where I live in central Alabama, we will hit right at 30-32 degrees and tomorrow we'll dip down to 27 w/ a wind chill of lower 20's. I've got some plants in pots in my backyard,,,,Japanese maples, tree-formed wisteria, viburnum, Cucumber Magnolia and other deciduous plants that have been leafed out for about 4-6 weeks, believe it or not,,,hardy ferns, perrenials (ginger lily, rudbeckia, plumbago, hosta, etc.) that have had new growth for 2 weeks or so,,and evergreens,,hinoki cypress, abelia varieties, that I'm not as worried about. I've soaked everything just a few minutes ago (I'ts a little past 7 o'clock pm and the current temp is 51). It looks like it will only get below freezing for about an hour or two, tonight,,,not counting wind chill (5 miles an hour tonight). Tomorrow night, the temp will drop below freezing from about 2am until 8am,,,down to 27 with a similar wind chill. I've done all I can tonight,,,covering a few prize possesions with sheets, plastic, whatever I can find. Is it worth buying some large plastic sheeting for tomorrow night? I have a lot of plants ,,,,everywhere from 1 gallon to 25 gallon. Should I only worry about the tenderest of growth..a few select perrenials and prized plants such as weeping maples or be concerned about everything perrenial and deciduous? My plants aren't where they'll get a lot of wind, but still I don't want to lose anything. I can live with some tip die back. What do ya'll think? Thanks! Mother Nature Rules!!!!