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Alamia.com And Echo?????????


LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest VA
How is Alamia.com's quality and service, etc.? I saw that they've got Echo Backpack blowers for a good price. How's the quality of a Echo Back Pack blower?
I've used them to purchase 3 commercial self-propelled "LawnBoys" model 22261 and various acessories(about 7 orders). On one of my orderer's they sent me the wrong part. After one email from them and a reply from me, not only did they send me the right part, they let me keep the wrong part. For the prices that they charge, even with shipping, cheaper than buying local. Another example is the Honda model HRC216K1HXA. Out the door localy, I paid $1080. With shipping included, I would of paid $955. A $125 savings. Could buy a few extra blades for that price. I'm very pleased with my experience with them.:D


LawnSite Fanatic
Marysville, WA
I was going to order of Alamia for an Echo backpack blower but found out my dealer could get the same one for 10 bucks more. Then I found out the Echo's don't have very much volume, at least not enough on the one I wanted. I wanted the Echo PB-600. 800 something cfm at the HOUSING, 440 at the end of the pipe. Said screw it and went for a Stihl BR320. I do reccommend the Stihl. Power oozing everywhere. But, Shindaiwa's probably have me beat.;)