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  1. GLC

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    I have some questions. Have any of u guys ordered a mower from Alamia? and if so did u have to piece it together or what? I know the disadvantages of ordering from them, but I am goin the cheapest way for the type of mower I want. I am mechanically inclined so the work will not be that hard for me. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!! :)
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    Do a search.

  3. mowerman90

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    I've never bought a mower from Alamia, but next year I may. If you go to your local dealer and walk out back you'll see his new mowers in their shipping crates. I imagine that's the way you would receive a mower from Alamia. All that they'll do is broker the purchase and ship it directly from manufacturer to your doorstep. At least that's what I think would happen.
  4. Richard Martin

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    I don't know which one you're looking for but Dixie Choppers are delivered ready to go. I picked mine up an hour after it was dropped off at the dealer.
  5. K9LWT

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    Make sure you talk to Alamia before you get your hopes up. I was going to buy a Scag from them, but they couldn't ship where I lived.

    I then wanted to get a Wright Stander, but they couldn't sell it to me. I ended up paying $300 more than they advertised from a local dealer. It's worth it to me-service, help, shipping cost, etc. so I bit the bullet and spent the extra $$. I think for smaller equipment you will be all set with them-they have great prices.
  6. tralfaz

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    I have not ordered a mower from them but have bought an engine from them. I was impressed with the quickness of the order to get to my house and also the free shipping.

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