Alaska Gold Rush

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by allinearth, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. allinearth

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    Has anyone watched this show yet? So far they have put dents in two vehicles with the excavator. The old guy was hoisting the shaker box from the side of the excavator. Come on! Looks like a disaster waiting to happen.:hammerhead:
  2. Junior M

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    when does it come on?
  3. allinearth

    allinearth LawnSite Senior Member
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    Friday nights at 8central. Can't remember which channel.
  4. J. Peterson Grading

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    from IA
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    Its just so hard to watch.

    I mean, take a bunch of guys that pretty much have no idea about what they are doing. But, they did a "Bunch of research" on how to do something. Then sell everything to go and buy some big equipment, yet they have now CLUE how to operate it. Put the son of an old man that tried and failed to "strike" gold 30 years ago in charge. Get a dorky, Colorblind ex-realator as your panner, Take, not only your 8-11 year old kids, but plan on bringing you wife and daughters to BEAR COUNTRY!!!!! They show up on a claim that was minied 100 years ago, then again 3 seasons ago with large equipment, then abandon by the second miner because he went broke and left all his things behind because he couldn't make it.......

    It reminds me of the do it your self home owners that I have to bail out on a daily basis. I read a self help book and I realy thought I knew what was going on...... Blah blah.......

    They should do a show called how to sell ocean front property in AZ. Have the claim owner host. He's the only guy going to get anything out of this whole deal.

  5. Dirtman2007

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    Haha everything you said is so true. I did like that D6 Dozer that the last guy left behind tho!

    The old man just gets on my nerves. They don'y have a clue what in the hell they are even doing, he digs a little bit here, then runs over here just making a big damn mess. Swings into his own truck and smashes in the side.

    Then at the end they spend more time looking at shooting a bears then doing what they came there to do. Get on the machine and go to work, aint no bear gonna mess with a EX400 digging!
  6. Ozz

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    It's stupid. Like all othe reality shows.

    There is one realistic aspect of the show- The fact the equipment was left on site. I explain below:

    In most parts of Alaska with mining or logging, the equipment is left to rot in place. While it has paid for itself, the majority of it has so many hours, has spent it's entire life on the site because it's such a big/long-term site, and would cost too much compared to what it's worth that it's not worth moving back off the site because the site is so remote. Alaska is called the Last Frontier for a reason.
  7. bobcat_ron

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    They made a big mistake, they should have bought the equipment in Northern BC, they could have saved mega amounts of money, now they had to hire 4 low bed trucks and move everything with a barge.
    And the way everyone was crying and being all sissy when they left? Wow, talk about drama, they are only gone for 3 months, not like they are going to war, and they are getting paid by the film production company anyways, so if they lose, they still make money!
  8. juststartin

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    I just cringed when he crossed the creek with the excavator with the gator hanging from the boom. Damn near crushed the gator! I think that was his first time operating an excavator. I am still trying to figure out why the gator was testing the water levels with it having only 2' of water clearance compared to 6' on the excavator.

    Maybe its just for tv, but I really can't understand them cutting the barge times so close. Hauling 10 trailers and not factoring a few blowouts?

    Maybe the producers saw this disaster coming!
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  9. tailboardtech

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    they probably did, i couldn't stand watching it i ended up changing the channel last night
  10. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    After the show last night they said they were 3 wks into their 3 month stint! God another 9 wks to go!! The older guy(their neighbor) said he spent 2yrs digging the same hole and only received 200,000. I'd rather cut lawns and landscape and make 3 times that in two yrs with less expensive equip. There is supposedly only 15 million dollars worth or gold left total on the 166 sq acres!!! Talk about a needle in a haystack! We can put together a better show about some of us and probably get better ratings! The said their premier show's ratings were comparable to the deadliest catch ratings. For all of us who watched it,we are probably hoping for a similar show from Discovery,but not too much excitement in my book! BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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