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  1. soilman

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    Why don't we see more engines designed to work well and last long, using alcohol as a fuel, and why don't we see more alchol fuel being sold, in approprieate quantities to run small engines, or cars, trucks, and busses?
  2. Brianslawn

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    i run off of alcohol fuel, lol! ask bush what is oppinion of e85 is.
  3. topsites

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    I think it is because alcohol is derived from a plant which has to be grown, and we apparently don't have enough fertile soil acreage in the world we can seed so that in the end it will churn out 80+ million barrels per day.

    One thing I can recommend is use less, and using less electricity helps, too.:
    Switch to ALL fluoro bulbs in the house, man I love those crazy things, 13watts of power for a 40w light... I think 20w consumption is a 60watt light. You CAN use solar panels but it costs thousands of dollars before this becomes efficient, wind power is only good in areas of high winds, thou solar heated water is another option as are drain-water collectors to flush toilets.
    Turn down your hot-water heater to 130 degrees, that's STILL scalding hot and about 7 percent lower than 140.
    Indoor Thermostat at 78 in the summer, 64 in the winter... I am thinking of building a solar air heater, haven't quite figured out the stats with the mirrors and crap plus I want the price to be below 500 dollars AND the heat capacity at least 15k BTU as it will only be effective for an hour or two per day in the winter... Still, if I can get the equivalent of a +5 or +10 degree upgrade for my living room for one hour per day, I can chill with that even if it will take 3-6 years before it pays for itself (that's another thing, Dominion Power's locked rates expire in 2010 so if you're ON Dominion Power's grid, I'd start thinking about reducing your electric consumption rates, 5 years from now they're likely to at least double in price/kw).

    SAVE fuel is the word, last time the fuel shot past 3/gallon was the last time I got excited about helping influence the upwards trend. This is the first time in my life I could SWEAR my driving ONE little car only for a LITTLE bit has a direct effect on prices at the pump, I even start the motor and prices jump by 10 cents the next day, it's just unreal ;)
  4. Grassmechanic

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    I think safety would be an issue. You cannot see the flame when alcohol burns, as you can with gasoline. If you spilled fuel on yourself and it ignited, you would not see it burn, but you'd definitely feel it! I suppose additives can be added to make the flame visible. Also, as was mentioned, there is not enough available cropland to grow the products necessary to convert to alcohol on a large scale to meet consumption.
  5. tat900

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    Because of the high maintance on a motor i run acholol in my race car motor and believe me it is a pain its highly corrosive and takes alot of patience plus the good thing about it is that u can flow twice the amount of fuel thats why alot of guys run it in race car motors , and about not being able to see the flame burn you can believe i got proof lol and also may be a good thing but a motor runs really cool on it my motor even when it is 100 degrees here my motor can idle for 15 minutes straight and not get over 140-160 even racing on dirt it only gets up to 190 tops
  6. soilman

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    topsites "Switch to ALL fluoro bulbs in the house"

    I have T12's and T8's for most of my lighting and am converting to mostly T8 electronic ballasts as the t12 transformer ballasts wear out. The T8's use 32 watts for each 4-ft tube, but put out almost the same lumens as two 100-watt incandescents. Plus you have lots of color spectrum choices. They seem to last forever. They start totally instantly. T12's or T8's are in all my rooms, except the bathroom, which has those screw-in incandescent- replacement bulbs. I love fluorescents. No more flickering like in the old days. No more waiting 20 seconds like in the old days. The electronic ballasts are terrific.
  7. Pro-lawns

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    amen tat 900
    i run on asphalt and i burn twice as much then i did running reguler race fuel
    when i went to the gas station and fuel the truck a smart ass said that why the gas prices are so high but my wife said it ran on acholol he looked funny at her
    what kind of car do you run
    i run a Grand American Modifed
  8. tat900

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    cool awesome im glad another fellow racer here i run a imca modified nothin but dirt for me . THe only reason i mow is to pay for my car . I live off my regular job and use the lawn money to pay for my car and after workin 80-90 hours a week its still worth it no matter what on your alky motor do use upper cylinder lube or wd-40 and the guys who run the e-85 its totally diffrent than pure methanol alky motors are a ton of maintance

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