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    PSU, If you read my post I was I was refering specifically to ornamentals not turf because on the Allectus label there is a whole section on foliar sprays, drenches, soil injection etc. There is no reason as far as I know to be soil injecting Talstar. It's just unnecessary pollution. Same for most foliar spraying, one material or the other works fine by itself and adding the other is unnecessary.
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    Just doing a quick look at the labels, looks like chinch bugs and cutworms are the two primary pests not controlled by Imid. that are controlled by Bifen.. Does that sound right?
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    granular fert alectus under : turfgrass surface feeders adult or larvae chinch bugs and sod webworms are controlled with this product. Bonus you get flea and ticks as well!
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    Bifenthrin (Talstar) controls all of the surface-feeding lawn-damaging insects for me. Billbugs, chinches and aphids among others for example. The Imidacloprid (Merit) is what I rely on for subsurface lawn-damaging insect control.

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