Alerting Walker Fans!


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I just found a cool thing on the Walker site. If you don't already know this, go to and at the top of the screen with all of the links go to the bottom and click on WalkerWare. They have a bunch of Walker stuff like hats, jackets, pins, etc.. They also have a diecast model. I ordered the model and got it today. It's pretty cool. The deck flips up, grass bin dumps, the seat and the grass bin clamshell to reveal the engine, the blades turn, it has dual tail wheels, the steering levers and throttle control all move. And the model is the MTGHS with a 20 horse. I thought it was pretty cool and everything on the site is cool so check it out Walker fans, I think you'll like it!:)


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Its good that the model has a 20 hp in it because if it was the 25 it would always be in the shop:)

Eric ELM

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My diecast toy Dixie Chopper with the Jet Engine will beat your Walker toy in a race any day. :D

Oh, BTW, I have a toy DC with the 25 HP Kohler engine and it hasn't blown a head gasket yet. :)

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