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    Installed a 11x 16 pond with waterfall last year. Algae problem has been persistent. I have used the super aquaclearer and the regular granulated stuff from Aquascape Designs, using as high a rate as is recommended on the container, but my pond is still green. I am doing this before I sell the pond system to the general public. I want to be sure I have answers to many of the questions most people will ask. My pond has a south exposure and our average temperature is from 75 to just below 90's most days during summer as well as year 'round.

    I have read that more plants would help. Have some water lilies already. How much is enough? About 6-8 small kois. Someone recommended potassium permanganate and also read up some stuff on some of the discussion groups. Anyone hear of Koi Magic? One of the pool companies swears by it. But a $25.00 a bottle-----? So basically what I am asking for is HELP!!!!!

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    I have an 11x16 and had fuzz algae bad this spring. We tried lots of different chems for giggles, then when water warmed we put in 6 lillies of GOOD SIZE, 3 spikes, and 12 hyacinths. Its coming around nicely now. Also have a barley mat and 26 Koi. Balance is the key, and the more plants, within reason, the better.
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    A few things to try. 1st and least expensive, put quilt batting in your skimmer. The thicker the better just so it fits without interuppting water flow to your pump. Keep an eye on it as it will clog within a couple of days.

    2nd, yes plants will help, Lillies are great as are water lettuce and Hyaciths. Ideally you want about a 70% water surface coverage of plants to shade the water as Algae LOVES the sunlight. This will also give the fish plenty of cover from miday heat and predators.

    As far as bacteria goes I have had better success with Microbelift.
    Open the container and you can really smell the difference. :)

    Good luck, you might try posting questions on Aquascapes messageboard as well.

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    Like the above said

    Shade the water.

    I use a light inline from the pump to the filter
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    Algae Fix, made by Pond care works good, can hardly keep the stuff in my store I sell so much. But leave it to Wal-Mart to sell it cheaper than I can. But my clients tell me within three days the algae is gone.

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