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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MikeK, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. MikeK

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    Hello All!

    We installed an Irrigation system this past summer and are pumping out of one of Minnesota's many lakes.

    We initally installed a cleen flo filter and ran the suction out 50' into the lake. ( the suction line is 1 1/2" poly) A month later, all of the 570Z fixed sprays were completley clogged with alge.
    We replaced all of the screens, Installed and alge queen filter and put it out 100' into the lake.
    At 100' into the lake, the water depth is still only about 4 1/2 feet.
    The alge queen filter is off the bottom slightly, resting on concrete blocks.
    1 month after that, all of the 570Z's were plugged again.

    I am hesitant putting the line any farther out into the lake as it's getting pretty difficult to prime the pump.
    I have thought about installing an aerator but I am not sure if this will help the alge problem. water depth may be an issue also.

    How can I clean up the alge on this lakeshore or at least reduce the screen plugging ?
  2. Ground Master

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    Intake should be at least 18 inches off bottom.

    Self flushing filters/intake? when system starts pumping a small line backflushes the intake screen? There must be something like this available. Or perhaps something you could make?

    Additional filter for each zone?

    Brass nozzles instead of plastic?
  3. MikeK

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    Thanks for the Input.
    I could try to raise the screen off the bottom a bit, but I am not sure that will help.
    The Nozzles are plastic, Irritrol CR500 rotaty heads and Toro 570Z's. The problem is not nozzle plugging but the screens for the 570z's plugging.
    I thought of running a long section of funny pipe from the pump to the screen to try and back flush it, but I'm really not sure if this would help.
    Also discussed adding an inline filter just off of the pump. According to my Irrigation supplier, the filter would plug in about 5 minutes.
    I agree that there must be some sort of device to cure this problem, but what?
  4. Wick

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    On some of the well systems I install that have a high sediment content or an algae problem I use a Tee-Flow filter, wich is actually just a mesh screen ( available in differnt sieve sizes) that has a ball valeve on the bottom. When you open the ball valve, it flushes the "screen" clean with a spiraling action. In some cases I have changed this ball valve with a regular zone valve and wired it to the controller. This allows me to program a "cleaning" when necessary. As for the 5 minute pluging, you could use an larger screen size, or possibly program the timer to flush the screen in between zones.
  5. MikeK

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    wow, that's a great idea, I know exactly which screen you are referikng to. I'll give that a try.

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