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Alittle info


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Charlotte NC
My name is Tim I have a landscaping company in Charlotte, NC. I have a 89 ram 5.2l 4x4 and a 07 Tundra 5.7 as my work trucks. I have a 60 inch dixie chopper silver eagle with 97hrs and a 60 bush hog with a 25hp kohler with 400hrs and a bunch of small equipment. I am planning on buying a 48 inch hydro walk behind and maybe a 36inch (Might have to settle with a belt driven) in the next week or two. I take care of both commercial and residential properties. I also plan on picking up a landscaping truck. Look forward to talking to every one.
Thanks Tim

Premier landscaping south

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Hello and welcome neighbor.

Won't be to much longer and we will be hitting the ground running. It's been a long cold winter so I am looking forward to spring.

See you around.