Alkali stripes from commercial mower

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fiber_tek, Jul 11, 2014.

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    I picked up a new customer that has poor soil, but the lawn is actually in decent shape, a little thin, and it doesn't get very tall but looks nice. My problem is that we mowed it with an Exmark Navigator, which weighs 1140 pounds without an operator and it left white stripes in the lawn where the driver tires contacted the ground. Is this going to kill the lawn in these striped areas? I have never seen this before. This is alkali I believe because around the fences where the grass and weeds have been killed so we don't have to string trim as much has a white powder in the dirt.
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    We need pictures!
    However I suspect "Heat Tracks".

    Rather mysterious as to cause--but --essentially it results from mowing or even walking on the grass when it is under heat and drought stress--wilted in other words. It does not happen every time. Not due to excess weight. Unpredictable. New green grass blades will appear in about 2 weeks. No permanent damage.
    It can happen from homeowner model push mowers also.
    Other guys here have some even better pictures. Not pretty at all.
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