all about me and my intro to you people on this site

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    hello people and all horticulturests and landscapees...

    I have been working in wholesale nursery for 2 in a half months now
    I am up to the 4th to 5th level of my horticultural training I am up to landscape now and will be working with a landscape crew i work at a nursery where some disabled people go and also normal people.
    I have got some previous qualifications and I am sick of tafe because you learn alot more on the job then at tafe I am not a begginner and I will never go back to a certificate 2 in horticulture again I am far more advanced
    not for me now I have horticultural knowledge and also landscape knowledge
    but the best thing and that I always say you are all better off on the job then at tafe because on the job you learn alot more than at tafe.

    I had been working at tafe and sick of it I got myself a traineeship and the best thing is I will get experience and training in my job and I am not going to bother looking for another job I will get the experience I need for another job.

    when I am up to my 10th level of training I will be an apprentice as I am now working inside of an adult trade traineeship in landscape horticulture certificate 3 in landscape construction and dual planting.

    i am 22 years old and I need alot more experience in work ethics tell me about yourselves?

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