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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tom B, May 25, 2008.

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    I live in a city with lots of new "urban developments" that have postage stamp size yards. I am thinking of marketing to this customer base by using "environmentally friendly" electric lawn tools.I figure I could charge extra for these services since thereare a lot of affluent sierra club types in this town. Any thoughts or opinions?
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    The biggest problem is the lack of commercial duty electric equipment out there. You will be limited to a small push mower with limited battery life. On the green note the electricity still has to be produced by some method so it is not that much better for the environment. I dont think there are enough green folks that care how the grass gets cut or are willing to pay a premium for the added labor you will be providing. Good thought just isn't the right time yet.:usflag::usflag::usflag:
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    There is this lawn franchise called They are green inclined, check them out for ideas.

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    Stihl makes some electric tools. It would be really hard wrangling cords and such though.
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    I checked out their website and it sounds to me like they use biodiesel mowers. It also said that some of their equipment (probably trimmers and blowers) are powered by solar panels on their trucks. They do not produce zero emissions, but they can say that their "net" emissions are zero because they purchase energy credits or something like that. I'm not exactly sure what an "energy credit" is but I would guess it is money given to a company that cleans up the environment.:confused:

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    I have actually thought of this. Believe it or not this is what sparked my interest in the lawn service business. I am a mail carrier and deliver in a high end area all doctors and lawyers. Well I noticed that every street had around 2 houses who's yards looked like crap. Every house in the area had somone cut thier yard except for these few houses. One day I saw a lady working on her garden ( her house was one of these crappy ones) and I asked "why do you take such good care of your garden but not your lawn?" She said that she is all about the environment and her push reel mower was way too much work so she only did it about once a month or would find somone willing to do it for her with her mower. So I asked is this the problem with the other people around here with crappy yards and she said "yup most of them". So here I am trying to start a lawncare business to make enough money to quit my job for the first year and planning on going eco friendly my second year. I even put it in the name "Houston Eco Cuts" right now the eco stands for economical or so I tell people but when I convert it will be for eco friendly. The thing is these people will pay way more to be "green" and the competition is pretty much non existant. Sorry to hijack your thread, but I've been waiting for someone to bring up this topic.
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    The closet Idea I have had that is green is having a Prius tow a very light trailer with 21's on it. Someone actually posted a pic of a Prius with a trailer.

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    This topic has been discussed before and guys have tried it before, in fact I think there was a guy last spring that tried an 'eco friendly' approach and gave that angle up quickly.

    People talk a good game, but when push comes to shove how many will be willing to pay a good chunk more per cut for eco friendly mowing? Not many I would guess.

    People by hybrid cars for the savings on gas, not so much because they are better for the environment.
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    Read the quote on their homepage. They started there business in 2006, and in 2007 they are going nationwide. Good Luck...

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