All Employees Get New Title of Co-President

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    I love finding new ways to encourage employees to think outside the box, work harder, work smarter and do whatever they can to improve the company they work for.

    This is not always easy obviously, especially in our industry. Some guys just want to show up, do what they need to do, punch the clock and get paid.

    But I have found that the best way to motivate employees rarely has anything to do with money. Motivating them to care about the company, getting them to care about the work they do, getting them to want to grow and learn usually has more to do with how they see themselves within the organization.

    If they are labeled as a “laborer” or “grass-cutter” or “grunt”, usually they are going to perform accordingly. They are not going to care about the public perception of the company, they are not going to care if the job they are working on is perfect and done right…. No, they are only going to care about themselves and pay-day.

    But what if they had a reason to care? What if it was made clear to them that every tiny little detail made a difference? What if they were made aware that their job out in the field was just as important as the work being done by the owner/founder/President?

    Wouldn’t it make them see things differently? Wouldn’t they suddenly feel a sense of pride?

    But when they are out and about, talking to friends or family or meeting a stranger for the first time and they are asked the question “So what do you do for a living?”, what do you think they are going to prefer to say…

    1.) I cut grass for a landscaping company.

    2.) I am the Co-President of lawn & landscaping business.

    So why not get creative? Why not sit employees down and explain to them that we are all in this together? Make them realize that every job matters, every person matters and we are all Co-Presidents doing everything we can to grow and improve this business.

    I am not trying to fool anyone here and I have been in this industry for a long time. I am not suggesting that you hire someone for $9.25 an hour to mow lawns, tell him he is now the Co-President, and suddenly he is going to transform into a whirlwind, top-notch, uber-productive machine. Doesn’t work like that….

    But if you sit employees down and explain that this company belongs to all of us and we all need to play our part and do what is best for the business, that in time, with improved performance, new ideas and significant effort there will be new opportunity for that employee. New opportunities often means more money. Give them incentives. Set benchmarks. Encourage particpation. Encourage advancing their education and skill-set.

    Give them business cards with their new title….


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    Sending a personal letter to their house thanking them for their great efforts.
    Their family gets to see the letter and often will read it before they get home if you address to the co-president and family. When the Co-president gets home his family with greet him with the good news. Maybe even include a restaurant gift card.... when they use it as a family they will discuss the letter again and how important the employee to the organization.

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