All granular or liquid too?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jim163, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. jim163

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    What do you recommend for fertilization. Im putting together a 5 step program and I was wondering if you guys do all granular apps or do you mix in the liquid? Is it worth buying the tank?
  2. Rhett@Gregson-Clark

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    Granular applications are fine for fertilizer and some control products however for effective weed control you should consider a liquid app in the spring and fall for weed control. Noticing that you are in Rochester,NY you will be subject to the 48-hour neighbor notification laws for Monroe County for liquid applications. We have lots of options available if you need spray equipment. 800-706-9530 Good Luck.
  3. cgland

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    If your looking at getting heavy into it, look at a permagreen or zspray with a nurse tank setup. We have a Permagreen w/ a 200 gallon nurse tank and it works great. we have the tank fastened to a skid and we strap it onto one of our landscape trailers and strap the PG in front of it. Gregson-Clark make a very nice rig, but they are a little pricey.

  4. The Ranger

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    a few applications of liquid (urea) was the answer to a less expensive program a few years ago, along with a push spreader. Today what you save in $ purchasing urea you loose in the labor cost of a double application. Look at a rider spreader/sprayer if you have enough work to justify the expense. Call Rett @ Gregson Clark the post above for some equipment help, We have some of his equipment...very high quality and very good support.
  5. turf hokie

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    Good advice on the ride-on machine. However, the 200 gallon tank may be overkill for a nurse tank for a PG. I use a 50 gal for water and mix as I need directly into the PG. Have not run out of water yet. With the Z-max a 200 gal would probably be better. But in my case that is b/c of the volume of work the Z does on the commercial sites in a day.
  6. cgland

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    Turf - The size of the nurse tank would be dependant on how many apps you do. We fill that tank twice in 2 days during the course of our applications. So in our case it's definately not overkill....underkill, maybe!

  7. turf hokie

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    I agree, with it depending on how much sq footage a machine can do in a day. When I do commercial work a 200 gallon probably would work well, but on normal residential with the PG that seems like a lot.

    But you are saying that you actually spray 375,000 sq ft in a day?
    Based on 100 gal of water out of a Pg that 3750 sq ft per gal of water?

    That seems like a lot of spraying. We also do that kind of production per day depending on how the route is set-up, but that seems like a lot of spraying to me.

    Let me know if I am off somewhere or if you guys are just banging out a crazy amount of work a day per crew.
  8. cgland

    cgland LawnSite Bronze Member
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    That's about right! We do about 9 acres per day! Our route is very tight with a bunch of large commercials.

  9. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    Actually, that sounds about right, to me...even with a nice residential route. This would be just under 20 standard subdivision lots (based on 1/2 acre lots).
  10. Green-Pro

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    We offer a five-step program with the spring (May), and fall (Oct) applications being spray the rest is all granular. Like some of the other fellas have said if you get into this big you will be glad you bought some sort of spray rig. Thing about apps is it seems to grow faster than you realize, dang stuff just seems to sell itself sometimes. I personally would look at a ride on spray/spread system like Chris mentioned. I am picking up a new Z-Spray next month based on lots of discussion with applicators that have used both skid sprayers and the ride ons. We gave both companies (PG and L.T.Rich) a good look over and demo at the Louisville expo this past year.

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