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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Nov 12, 2002.

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    I started to read the tread Lawngodfather started. I didn't even waste my time to finish it. I read a little and that was enough.

    Now this is not to bash or single out any person on here as I like ad respect almost all of you. But I will not just sit here and allow false information to spread around!


    But to say mulching leaves kills grass is obsurd!! I know the kind of properties pictured. I have some myself and this is "why" I mulch in the 1st place. Who in there right mind would want to transport a full hopper back to the truck or to a designated compost dump area on the property??? That volume of transporting and handling is far too unproductive for me as a solo. But if you have the manpower to do it and waste that amount of time, plus you get paid for it by the hour, then good for you!!! Just make sure you're not overcharging and if someone takes the account don't come on here crying about it!

    The truth of dead grass in wooded areas is it happens without proper care period! They clean out a wooded area and do what they should to establish grass. But they seldom spend the money to "maintain" what grass they have. The truth is they just don't want to mow such a large wooded site themselves.

    Case in point > I took over a similar property that had been consistantly collected all the dang time. Guess what? It had huge huge dead areas under the trees. Every single dripline area of every tree was completely bare. Wow and want to talk thin turf in the transition areas??? A dust eating nightmare job!!!

    Was it because of collection??? NOOOOO!!!! It was because they didn't apply fertilize, lime, anything and no overseeding either. I guess no organics didn't help. But it wasn't the killer or thinner. Shade and acidic soil was!!!

    They still don't do what they should and still have bare places. I mulch the whole dang place all the time and it's never looked better since the dieing out began. The thin areas are much thicker and the grass has spread some into those bare areas.

    The next problem is people with that kind of leaf management needs tend to want to stop things when leaves start to fall and wait for the trees to be bare before paying for one big clean up. By then the damage is done!!! I don't care what you do!!!

    I let nothing go any longer than 7 days if at all possible. My clients know they are going to "pay" for leaf management and getting it taken care of on a regular basis is better for the lawn and easier on their wallet.

    So enough of this whizzing contest already!!! I you have to come up with crumby lies to justify way you do it a certain way, rather than post a bunch of crap, consider yourself "self-justified" in how you do things, either way and don't worry about how ol' Joe does it.

    I'm sure you are convinced of a certain way and he is too!!!
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    Yeah! THIS is the way! Let's start aNOTHER post on this!:D
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    I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to encourage it.
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    This post isn't about rather to collect/remove or mulch and which way is better/superior or what ever. That whole issue is a dead horse.

    What it is about is why lie about something to make yourself feel justified in how you do things. Some of the things I've read are just a dang crock of bull!!! This was just an example!

    If mulching killed grass I wouldn't have a live blade left....

    Some ways are better for some and better suited to their operation and area/clients. So I say do it how works best for you in your market and quit bickering about it already!

    WHO CARES??? NOT ME!!! :sleeping:

    Just don't lie about it to make yourself fell better....dang :(
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    As long as we can keep this thread in the realm of the benefits of mulching, and that with regular (weekly) visits, so as to ensure that there isn't too much of an excess of grass or leaves that need to be mulched at one time, and can be somewhat beneficial, then this tread should be ok.
    I personally do mulch grass (either buy using doubles and shooting it down or buy using a mulch plate) all thru the main cutting season, and I do mulch leaves for a few weeks in the fall till it becomes (what I feel) to be too much to do an efficient job.
    Most of my customers do not have a problem with my methoids and practices, yes I have one or two who know I practice recycling and ask if I could just pick things up a few times a year thruout the season, just to give them peace of mind, which I tell them I do ... hehehe , but honestly, I have not had any bad results from my practices and have read 100's of pages from various sites as well as books at home on the facts and results from studies conducted by some of the most reputable agricultural institutions and colleges in this country as to the benefits of responsible mulching practices.
    In closing, I will say that mulching is NOT the answer, ALL of the time, you have to use descretion. But it can be a beneficial and intergral part of a good, sound lawn maintenance program.
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    Now that's a reasonable reply!

    I too mulch almost constantly. I rarely run into a situation where I have to side discharge. When I do, I run doubles. Gators and something. I still get a very fine clipping effect like mulching. No big clippings or clumps laieing around when I'm done. But by discharging I may be able to mow on a soaking wet day where I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

    As far as leaves, I try not to let them get too far ahead of me. I live in the transition zone. This affords me a luxury some don't have. I have warm season grass going dormant that no longer needs cutting and these lawns have little leaves to deal with. Whereas the lawns with more leaves tend to be cool season grasses. I have time to give more attention to the lawns with more leaves "if" they need getting inside 7 days. My customers also know I charge by the pass. So they could care less if I came for a pass twice a week or made 2 passes once a week.

    By my methods I have yet to run into anything I couldn't get properly mulched even after severe wind or a hard rain.

    We have had both over the weekend. Sure made life rough on me Friday & Saturday. It was almost a lost cause and did end up being a loosing battle afterall. I guess I should post in that other thread about bad luck on cleanups. I guess I'll get around to my sob story when I have some pics of the mess to go alond with the before and after mulching pics. :cry:
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    this is the first time lawnsite has CONFUSED me more than it helped CLEAR something up for me. i tend to agree with mike (lgf) and jim lewis. seems like ALOT of scrubs are slowly saturating this web site. as of today i am going to stop telling people about i feel as if im doing something wrong by telling people. well, its 5:30 am and im off to the gym......

    shep :D
  8. Thanks for the thread. Your facts kind of put a period at the end of the mulching debate.
    If the soil gets acidic from mulching, apply lime.

    Heck, my son used to mulch roadside litter. It would take him about four passes for a paper plate:rolleyes: But that's another debate.

    Anyway, I'm posting here to say something about scrubs.
    Aren't we all scrubs to someone? Like I'm a scrub to the full service nursery with a mowing crew. Where's my licensed horticulturalist or trained landscape architect?
    I'm solo.
    But the guy with 3 Grasshopper ZTRs that took my 13 acre account is a scrub to me.

    Ignoring scrubs won't make them go away. They're as much a part of this business as is the grass. It's the nature of the business.
    I've had to bid a 13 acre account against a guy with NO equipment! they said, "If the gets the account he'll buy the needed equipment." Talk about a scrub!
    I've been told a-n-y-b-o-d-y can cut grass!
    It's up to us to prove otherwise.
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    Let's stop this crap right here for Godsake. It's all been said before, let it go!!!!!!!!! If I here the word "scrub" or "leaves" one more time I'm going to fricken" puke. You people rather sit here and argue than go out and make some money.:rolleyes:
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