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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by AielLandscaping, Aug 10, 2002.

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    i've got this little 18 x 18 patch of lawn that has had all kinds of problems. it started off this season with a bunch of different weeds and generally looking like garbage, so i killed it off, tilled it and reseeded. that was probably in march. it didn't grow fast enough and the homeowner decided after reseeding 3 times that she wanted to just put in sod instead. so this time she tilled it herself, and i put in the sod. it was being watered about 10 min a day, every day. up until this point i was the only person giving advice on what needed to be done with the lawn but then she started getting advice from 3 additional sources and things have escalated to the point where the lawn looks worse then it did before we started this project. the "helpers" here are the sod company, her neighbor who is an lco and has been for 30 years, and whoever works at home depot in the garden section.

    well the sod starts drying out at the corners, so she calls the sod company and complains, they tell her it's most likely a fungus, so she goes to home depot and loads up on fungicide, and then sprays the lawn. that doesn't work, so she calls the sod company again. this time they send someone out, and determine the sprinklers are not covering these spots. they make some adjustments and resod the corners. things start looking better but mushrooms take over. next random places die off. looked like an insect problem to me, but i was not totally sure. at the base of the blades in the affected are things that look like white spider webs, only they are bunched together in tight balls of webs. (thats the best i can explain it.) anyhow, that was last weekend. she starts getting depressed and calls the sod company again, they tell her to cut back on her water to 4 min in the morning and 4 min at night. today i get there and now half of the lawn is yellow. best way i can describe what it looks like is if someone were to either urinate all over it. i'm completely baffled by this. this sod has only been in the ground about 2 - 3 months, and has already had 20-27-5 applied, a homedepot brand fungicide applied two or three times, ironite, and now more nitrogen applied this morning before i got there.
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    When you install sod in our "Areas yours and mine" it should be getting at least 1" of water a week.

    I water all my sod jobs like this:

    6AM = 15 min
    12PM = 15 min
    6PM = 15 min

    This is every day for the first 2 weeks after that i will cut it back to twice a day for another 2 weeks.
  3. Fallow what Chuck said for watering.

    Second your fert should have been more like this; 18-18-18 or 18-24-12 applied in 2 different apps 3 weeks apart at the lable rates. Then fallowed up about 3 weeks later with a 24-6-12 slow release.

    By any chace did you lime the area? Or even get a soil sample?

    First problem you have is the sod is only less than 3/4 of an inch thick so whatever you have applied has leached through and so has the water.

    The shrooms are more likely from over watering, funny how that works huh? Like Chuck said split the water up, and like I said split the fert apps up.

    Also 4 min of water will have no effect what so ever.

    I would advise you get a soil sample of this lawn and start there, then use what we have posted after the sample comes back, and any PH levels have been adjusted.
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    i didn't lime the area, or take a soil sample. but ever lawn i've ever taken a sample of around here has registered around 7.0 ph level. i'll print out this post once the topic dies off and give it to the homeowner so maybe she'll stop asking everybody she talks to...and then acting on it...
  5. Oh here's a better rate for sod starter fert 10-24-18 if you can find it, this wont push the top growth as hard.

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