All leaf rigs and boxes post your pics here!!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Nick's Neat Landscaping, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Eurosport

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    Amazing! Looks almost exactly like my setup except you have a nicer loader...mines only 16 hp. Mounting it on the tongue is the best I find because the brick of leaves slides out easier because its compacted near the rear. What are you using to enclose the roof where the discharge tube goes above the walls?
  2. Mowerboy04

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    here is my leaf set up not completly done i still have to build doors for the back...also the pic is taken from my windo did't feel like going out in the rain

  3. Nick's Neat Landscaping

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    Hahah that looks good From this view! But i don't blame you its been rainin ALL DAY!:cry:
  4. joef450snowplow

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    EA Quinn is that your truck what is it a mack or a kenworth
  5. mowingtowing

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    The pictures of the dump trailer are from last year (havent started leaves full swing here yet). Only thing different this year is a new suction hose. The last pic is of a creation of mine that we are going to try out this year. A 20hp leaf vacuum turned into a leaf blower :dancing:. It is mounted in front of an older exmark turf tracer in place of the mowing deck. I have mounted a chute much like the little wonders have to help aim the air down a bit.
    This year we also have a smaller dump trailer running a 10hp leaf vacuum for a second crew.



    typhoon resized.jpg
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  6. ryansbob

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    Can't waite to see the fabricated mower/blower in action, just do yourself a favor and weld some type of metal screen to cover the intake chute , I'd hate to see your machine in the new tv show Trauma with a body sticking out of the front missing a head or arm!!! Otherwise it looks SWEET.

    I hook a backpack blower behind the seat of my riding mower so I can mow and blow at the same time, I place the discharge tube right at the discharge chute on the mower and it works great.

    My leaf setup is a 3500 series chevy stakebody dump 91" wide box by 6ft high, 12ft long fully enclosed, mesh tarp on top. Tow Behind 25 Giant Vac Leaf Loader.

    Our 2nd Truck K2500 chevy pickup goes to each job with a 16ft enclosed trailer With Exmark Hydro Walk Behind and Exmark Lazer Z, 2 little wonder walk behind 8hp SHO Blowers, 3 Echo Blowers PB 650, PB651, and a PB 755T We also use the mower to push piles of leaves and drag out tarps full of the rest.

    Finishing up my setup this sunday due to rain on saturday, will be up and running again for this year by Monday and will post picks soon.
  7. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Looks good. That mower modification will be pretty sweet.
  8. DuallyVette

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    Here's mine 1996 3500HD dump truck/ 16hp BillyGoat.

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  9. DuallyVette

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    To empty, just swing the barn door open with the blower mounted on it, tie it back and dump.

    dump vac.jpg
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  10. kemco

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    DuallyVette, ever have any problems flooding that billy goat loader out by having it tilt with the dump? I just brought home a new dump trailer today and have still not decided where to mount the loader; I was leaning towards the way you have yours but was not sure about the loader tilting with the dump. Other option would be on the toungue but I would need something fabricated to mount it over the battery box. I still have to build the leaf box (and buy the loader - probably a BG HTR 18). I'll throw some photos up when I get 'er done.

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