All leaf rigs and boxes post your pics here!!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Nick's Neat Landscaping, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Ben's Landscape

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    Check out my pic thread link to it in my sig and i have changed mine since posting not on a dump truck though.
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    Here is my leaf setup. I wanted to make it easily interchangeable, so what we did is built sides and barn swinging style doors for the summer. To make the changeover easy, we used 2 trailer hitch receivers in the corners and made the door frames slide into them and welded a lock nut on the inside, so we slide the door in and bolt it in the receiver. then there is a short strap that bolts the top of the door frame to the sides to make the doors sturdy. Now for the Leaf vac I didn't want to take it off eveytime i dumped it, so we came up with a door that hinged at the top, so when we dump the vac will simply swing away with the door. It was costly to build since the steel for the sides and both sets of doors was $1,000 but it was well worth it! it takes about 45 minutes to switch from summer to fall with this setup. Once the doors are switched with the bobcat you simply have the wooden sides to slide into the stake pockets and we use pvc elbows and pipes to make the suports for the mesh top and we use bungee chords to hold the mesh over the sides.



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    Going to try to mount the billy onto my truck this year to be more efficient...other than that setup works great!

    IMG_1381 (800x600).jpg
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    i ran my vac last year like that, i want to try to put it on a swing away receiver mount on my older dump this year
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    Anybody with new pictures?
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  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I see a lot of nice set ups!
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    2013 Fall Season

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    This is my first year using a leaf loader. A few weeks ago I bought a 16 HP Little Wonder truck loader. Its a great machine, and has plenty oh power. However its kind of a pain in the neck to unload...

    leaf loader truck.jpg
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    My leaf setup 6x12 bri mar dump trailer and a 14hp billy goat

    Picture 2.png

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