All leaf rigs and boxes post your pics here!!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Nick's Neat Landscaping, Oct 17, 2009.

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    I plan on making something to keep someones pants from getting sucked into the intake. Dont want it too small that it gets clogged up with leaves all the time though. I also want it to be removable so if we are at a job where we need the hose for some reason I can take it off and throw the hose on.


    Can you take a closer picture of your hose swing arm and where it pivots and articulates? That is the only thing I dont like about the Giant Vac, kind of a short hose support arm.
  2. Signature Landscaping1

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    Heres mine this season.
    6x10 Downeaster dump
    16hp billy goat loader

  3. ColliganLands

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    looks good.. i got the leaf plow on the stander today so we need to get everything together for a pic sometime soon
  4. DuallyVette

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    That vacuum has been used on that truck since 1998, never a problem. I like it on back of the truck or trailer so that you can back up to the pile, or load from the curb
  5. mowingtowing

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    Got two more pictures yesterday. First one is of the "typhoon" in action with semi wet leaves and the next one is of a "shredder ring" I made for the 16hp giant vac leaf vac. I think its more psychological then beneficial.


  6. EA Quinn

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    Yes, It is on a Kenworth Roll-off platform.
  7. haybaler

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    I'd like to see a pic of those ramps folded down.
  8. stevesmowing

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    love the blower:cool2:. are those harbor freight casters? I've had problems with their bearings and hubs before.
  9. P.Services

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    just got the box on today.

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    I sold this stuff off last season (whats in the pictures). However, I just bought a new bac-vac for my super z. Tomorrow will be my first official day out with it!

    Blower Push.jpg

    Dump Trailer.jpg
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