All leaf rigs and boxes post your pics here!!

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Unfortunately, I don't think so due to the mount. I will just have to watch it carefully. I did it last year with this setup just not on a dump trailer and it did alright with minimal clogs. Thanks


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Side 1 (of three) almost complete. I’ll finish it up by the end of this weekend will get a sign as well put on it. I’ll have the loader itself in the truck bed. It’s permanent so I wanted to go with aluminum I’m starting to install large plants and need something to protect for the wind and also mulch! So it’s multipurpose I’ll post some final pics tomorrow or Monday.
There is a lot more reinforcing that’s going to happen to it, I don’t want the sides to move once they are set.




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Imo mounting the bg is the most difficult part mine weighs 400 plus lbs it’s the 18hp version and that’s a lot of weight either on your tongue or your Gate and I particularly do t like that so I choose to put it in my truck bed it on a kind of like railroad system where it slides out and I can pin it to keep in place and when I transport it it slides back into the bed. Along with my blower ect. And no the brackets dont come with it you have to buy them but my dealer gave them to me.... I’m sure I paid for it someway or another lol... as you can see I buy once cry once, build once for it to live once I over engineer everything. And I like my stuff in the best looking conditions.


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Total cost for the box above is roughly 800 includes all aluminum panels, the lumber, bolts, and a bunch of assorted aluminum angle irons and square tubing ect. For the rail system. Plus the cost of the loader which is roughly 4K and then the dump trailer. Plus your time building it. I’ll be happy to put all the dimensions and drawings up when I finish it for others to see and get ideas from.

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