All New 2014 Bad Boy ZT Elite Still $4999!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by retrodog, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Have you ever bent a Bad Boy scalp roller bracket? My 2005 Bad Boy has very thick hunks of plate jig welded onto the 1/4" thick fabricated deck. The fillet welds are quite pretty and look very strong. I've torn up a few rollers, but have never bent any brackets even a little bit. I don't think I want to be personally sitting on the seat if it ever takes a lick hard enough to bend one.

    I'm interested to hear about what bent your bracket.
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    Doubt he has ever used a bad boy mower, just looking to bang on the brand in general I think.
  3. GMLC

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    Certainly not the strongest way to brace anti-scalp wheels. Wonder how much $ BB saves doing it that way?
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    He bought one of the first run Outlaws. And believe me if anyone can tear it up his guys He is a good guy, has run snapper pro, Scags, Bad Boys, no telling what else. Right now he has a new 460 Gravely from me :)
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    Hit one of the old iron water meters hidden in the grass that bent it. Replaced multiple scalp rollers, idler pulleys, belts, bearings in the front caster forks. All in 400 hours. The final straw was the frame cracking in 2 places over both hydro pumps. Came back from BB with welds that looked like a kid welded it.

    It was something every week. I would not have tolerated it as long as I did if it weren't for Retro going above and beyond as a dealer. Other LCO's that run high hours with employees have had the same issues who bought from Retro. Which is why he started carrying GH. I have primarily run Scag TT since 2000, but have demoed everything. I run a Snapper 48"ZTR and 36" WB Snapper as well. The 36 has been great, but the 48 has not been so great.

    Having said all that. BB has a good cost saving product for homeowners and solo LCO's or LCO's that run low hours.
    I should not have said anything. I've posted my opinion before along with several others here and they usually just delete them.

    I've sold about 2/3 of my business and its just me and a part time helper for the most part. I traded in a Scag TT to Retro for a Gravely 460 with the Kohler EFI. So far my back is loving the air ride seat and my pocket book is loving the 1.1 gph. 51 hours with no problems other than the right hydro sticking which there are 2 new hydros on the way under the 5400 recall. I'm excited to be back with Retro and the customer service of Gravely.

    Sorry I stirred the pot. Lol.
    I hope all of you have good service with your BB mowers Best of luck!
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