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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dlandscaping, Jun 29, 2002.

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    I have a small lawn that we service. Actually a family members. When we started it last yr their lco didnt treat it all season. I dug a hole and found grubs those army worms and there was weeds all over. I treated it with grub control three times and then it was winter. Now spring comes no grubs but weed galoor. I sprayed it with lesco bentgrass herbicide and it killed some. Then i slit seeded and aerated. i spread lime seed and seed starter and it began to grow. It is now all weeds again mostly violets. It has been treated with dimension, lesco spray, orthoweed b gon, and scotts broadleaf control fert. I dont know what to do. They want a nice lawn and i cant do it. Any tips or suggestions?
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    Perhaps less is more. Can you be doing damage applying and doing so many things? We can kill with kindness. How many square feet are you treating so that you can put down the proper amount of materials? Did you treat the grubs three times in one season? The damage had been done and animals would continue to dig up lawn for carcasses. Are you following the product labels and informing the customer of there responsibilities? Do they water as suggested?
    Sorry about so many questions but always start with the simplest things. This place sounds toxic. Stop putting dangerous chemicals down so liberally.

    Have you considered having a fertilization company do the treatments?

    *****************Helping solution****************
    Proper diagnosis, square footage and measured material amount = Successs. Always follow usage safety precautions.
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    1) Take a soil sample to lesco on Ballard St or Vally green in Oxford and have them analyze it. 90% of the time I have found ph to be the problem around here.
    2) If the weeds are really bad, maybe its time for a complete kill and start from scratch.
    3) make sure you have your pesticide license. A guy got caught near me. Have not seen him around. State police have also been pulling landscapers over and checking for DOT stuff like fire extinguishers, orange triangles, etc. BE Carefull
  4. KirbysLawn

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    What kind of grass did you put down??
  5. tremor

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    Do the soil test & apply the required amount of lime as directed. This you can do now since the family member/client wants something done.

    Follow a normal program for the rest of summer to keep the insects at bay. Avoid letting the "client" pressure you into doing stuff that isn't agronomically sound.

    Don't apply more herb's this summer. Violets aren't very "controllable" (is that a word?) right now. By Labor Day weed control conditions will have improved. I prefer October for Violets, but you'll be seeding so let's be patient. If you can find some of the old "Turflon Ester", use it on a cool day after Sept 1st. It's not made anymore so if you don't have any, buy some Confront & use it instead.

    After 2 weeks, overseed it again. Use a good starter fert too.

    Apply another 1-1.5 lbs of N by Thanksgiving. You may also have the required 2 full mowings on the new grass by then. In which case, you can finish off any straggler violets at that time.

    Allen Smith at Crop Production Services may have some old Turflon Ester left. They're in South Deerfield on Elm Street across 5 from Yankee Candle. 413-665-2115 tell him Steve from LESCO referred you.

    Good Luck,

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    Sorry bout it being so long but i never got the email notice there were replies to this thread.
    Well the lawn took some shape at least in the back where it got some water during the drought we had. It is at least green and there are minimal weeds.
    In the front i have red thread all through it and violets every where. I sprayed it with round up last week and am seeding it before the rain this weekend i will try to post a pic when it comes up. Thanks guys. I will be seeding with a mix of fescue and bluegrass sun mix.
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    Did you put down pre-m in the fall? That would kept a lot of the weeds from coming up in the spring.

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