All Pro Greens - 2007-2008 Hands-On Advanced Training Schedule

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    All Pro Greens - 2007-2008 Hands-On Advanced Training Schedule

    Synthetic Golf Greens voted,
    "The #1 Profitable Niche Service Idea of 2007"

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    2007 - 2008 Hands-On Training Schedule - Only 6 Classes Available:
    December 8th and 15th
    January 12th and 19th
    February 9th and 23rd

    $99.00 per person
    Only 10 companies or 20 attendees per class

    Call NOW and Register 1-800-334-9005

    Learn about a new PROFIT CENTER – Synthetic Golf Greens & Synthetic Lawns. This Hands-On Advance Training Seminar will teach you how to UTILIZE EXISTING EQUIPMENT AND EMPLOYEES by taking this simple & easy ADD-ON SERVICE and generate a NEW REVENUE STREAM for your landscaping business. Register now to learn how to CAPITALIZE on the $50 Billion a year Golf Industry that is directly tied to the Lawn & Landscape Industry and UP-SELL your other products and services.

    Synthetic Golf Greens are one of the FASTEST growing segments of the golf industry
    and one of the
    FASTEST growing segments of the lawn & landscape industry

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    What You Will Learn From This Hands-On Advanced Training Presentation:

    • [*]Step-By -Step Advanced Installation
      [*]Five (5) New Marketing Programs
      [*]The Golf Industry
      [*]The Synthetic Turf Industry
      [*]Your Demo Green
      [*]The Design Consultation
      [*]Killer Closings
      [*]Why All Pro Greens

    Benefits Of This FREE Seminar:
    • [*]A New Profit Center - Up To 60%
      [*]Utilize Existing Equipment & Employees
      [*]A Simple & Easy Add-On Service
      [*]Reach A New Customer Base
      [*]Up Sell Current Products & Services
      [*]Year Round Installations
      [*]Buy Manufacturer Direct - Save 70%
      [*]Carry NO Inventory

    Visit the “Contractor Section” of our website to learn more about the business:

    Call NOW and Register 1-800-334-9005

    Successful contractors know the value of training and education.
    Thousands have already taken this add-on service and turned it into a new division of their existing business.

    WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER 1-800-334-9005

    All Pro Greens - Taking Your PROFITS To The Next Level

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    are these classes in GA?
  3. cpel2004

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    Can you use your synthetic turf for sports fields also?
  4. jsaunders

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    Yes to the 2 above posts-

    The prices for the classes sure have dropped since I payed $300+ a couple of years ago per guy.
  5. AlleganyLawnCare

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    I think mine was $295 last year. The first one I did, I made $1800 profit off of it. I think it was a good investment. I trying to push this market alot this year along with my water features service.

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