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    Please welcome ALL PRO GREENS to They can be found in the Product Showcase at and they also have their own forum located on the home page of the site. Be sure to check them out....

    The All Pro Greens “Insider Secrets” forum of synthetic golf greens is where landscape professionals can discuss every aspect of the business from estimating, profit margins, design, proper installation techniques, online certification training class, marketing strategies & tactics, advertising, and more.

    Visit their site at today!
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    All Pro Greens: Less Work - More Profits

    Thank you for giving All Pro Greens the opportunity to have our own "insider Secrets" forum.

    If any contactors receive "Lawn & Landscape" or "Turf" magazines, look for our 24 page full-color "Golfscaper" magazine in the Oct issue. This is the only synthetic golf greens magazine for landscape contractors in the country.

    Our "Golfscaper" magazine covers:
    • Certification Training Classes
    • Install Techniques To Save You Time & Money
    • Marketing Programs To Grow Your Business 10 X
    • Strategies To Cut Your Advertising Budget In HALF

    If you would to get more information about synthetic golf greens just order an information packet or view the "Golfscaper" magazine online:

    Don't forget the checkout our "Insider Secrets" forum in the Manufacturer Sponsored Forums

    Thanks for your support

    All Pro Greens

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    When selling a synthetic golf green to a customer, sell in 5 ft. long increments.

    This will generate you an additional $122.50 to $588.00 profit per job.

    This can be used to cover insidential costs or go straight to your bottom line profit.

    Here is an example of how it works:
    A customer has a 12' x 32 area he wants to put in a green. You will sell the customer a 12' x 35' green. At $12 a sq. ft. installed price, that is an additional 37 sq. ft. or $444.00 profit you have made on the job.

    This doesn't include the money you can make on landscaping around the green. The photo below shows a $10,000 green around a $50,000 in landscape job that includes plants, trees, block work and rock work around the green.

    Ed Bailey of Ultimate Putting Greens in Atlanta, Georgia just installed a $35,000 putting green around a $100,000 landscape job around the green that another contractor installed. The landscape included plants, trees, walkway, a retaining that wraped around half the green and a water feature.

    This one strategy can be applied to most products you sell to generate more profits.

    How you ask? If you sell water features, sell the pond & liner in 5 ft increments, If you sell brick paver patios, sell in 5 ft increments, If you sell sod, sell in 5 ft. increments. If you sell retaining walls, sell in 5 ft increments. Do the Math. How much more revenue and profit can this strategy make your company per job, per month, and per year.

    Learn every week new tips, strategies, and tactics used by successful contractors how they turned an add-on service into a new division of thier business at our "Insider Secrets" forum:

    Check out the "Contractor Section" of our website:

    All Pro Greens

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    FREE Online Training Seminar This Weekend Only!

    Learn about a new PROFIT CENTER – The Synthetic Golf Green Industry. This online seminar will teach you how to UTILIZE EXISTING EQUIPMENT AND EMPLOYEES by takingthis simple & easy ADD-ON SERVICE and generate a NEW REVENUE STREAM for your landscaping business. Register now to learn how to CAPITALIZE on the $50 Billion a year Golf Industry that is directly tied to the Lawn & Landscape Industry and UP-SELL your other products and services.

    We currently charge $299.00 for our Online Training Seminar.
    For this weekend only we are offering this to members for FREE. ​

    You must call us to register for the Seminar and to get your user name and password
    to access the Training Section of our website. 1-800-334-9005​

    What You Will Learn From This Online Presentation:
    • Estimating
      [*]5 New Marketing Programs
      [*]Parade of Putting Greens
      [*]The Golf Industry
      [*]The Synthetic Turf Industry
      [*]Your Demo Green
      [*]The Design Consultation
      [*]Killer Closings
      [*]Why All Pro Greens
    Benefits Of This Seminar:
    1. A New Profit Center – Up to 60%
    2. Utilizing Existing Equipment & Employees
    3. A Simple & Easy Add-On Service
    4. Reach a New Customer Base
    5. Up-Sell Current Products & Services
    6. Year Round Installations
    7. Buy Manufacturer Direct – Save 70%
    8. Carry No Inventory

    Smart contractors know the value of training and education.
    Hundreds have already taken this add-on service and turned it into a new division of their business.
    Call us today and register for this FREE Seminar. 1-800-334-9005


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