All Pro Industries - O'Charley's Restaurant Goes "Green"

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    All Pro Industries - O'Charley's Restaurant Goes "Green"




    In a highly-competitive industry based largely on perception, restaurant owners and managers are realizing the value of exterior aesthetics to their customers. Because most restaurant-seekers enjoy a surplus of available options and often make decisions based solely on appearance, keeping a well-manicured landscape has become more significant for many eateries in the area.

    Mark Walkup, general manager of O’Charley’s restaurant in Cleveland, Tenn., recognizes the need for year-round aesthetic appeal and made the decision to install synthetic grass from All-Pro Industries as the centerpiece of his restaurant’s landscape last month. “It has literally transformed the entire exterior feel of the restaurant … it is the only product that can give you a natural-looking, green lawn year round,” commented Walkup.

    He continued, “Our grass is the talk of the town. Since we installed the synthetic product, both customers and vendors constantly comment on the attractiveness of our landscape.”

    In addition to providing visual interest, synthetic products have become an eco-friendly solution to drought and other environmental issues affecting the region. Water has been considered a commodity in the southeastern United States over the last year and All Pro Industries offers products that require no watering and are virtually maintenance-free.

    “… the restaurant will potentially save hundreds of dollars on our monthly lawn care bill with the installation …,” noted Walkup with reference to the long-term cost savings of a synthetic landscape.

    For FREE information
    All Pro Industries Inc.
    306 Joy Street
    Fort Oglethorpe, GA. 30742
    Chris Heptinstall, President
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    that product could be the fall of this industry if enough people buy into it.
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    They go green by taking away the natural green...........whats the pollution rate for making plastic grass these days..........maybe Im just an angry grass cutter but I don't like it and dont see any benefit other than not having to water it
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    I don't want to go out of business either, but. . . I doubt the pollution factor of making the stuff comes anywhere near the pollution created to fertilize and mow the real stuff. I'd be interested to know the payback time of installing it. I bet it's pretty quick down south and in the west.
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    Astroturf has been around for a while and I don't see it everywhere!
    I only see it at the front door!
    Also, when I was a teenager in St. Pete, there were a couple of concrete front yards painted green, that didn't catch on either. Tony
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    there is always residentials. :clapping:
  7. Tobin

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    Its just the whole point of going green is to keep natural resources so to me it makes no sense to remove them. I'm not worried about it putting me out of business I just dont see the point in it.
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    I think it will become more and more popular over the next several years. The quality of the product is getting better and the price is coming down. It may be area that some of us may want to look into.

    I was on Costco's website yesterday and they even sell it there now.

    As the price of fuel, water... and everything else rises people will start to see the benefit of always having green grass with no maintenance and no future cost.
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    A friend of mine has a customer who has a yard like that.After he told me, I was curious and drove by,looks like grass.Really good.He blows it off every two weeks, does the cleanups and mulches every year.So there's still maintenance involved.It looked so good that if I had a smaller front yard I would consider it.
  10. allprogreens

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    Great Question!
    Here is a "Natural Sod vs Synthetic Turf Cost Comparison" These are actual numbers done by a Florida "Irrigation" contractor that installed 2500 sq. ft. of synthetic turf and it shows what he would charge for a natural Sod job.
    The synthetic turf would pay for itself in 4 years.......and with a 10 year workmanship warranty, would save the homeowner/commercial owner alot of money over the next 6 years.

    Sod Install
    (Based on 2500 sq. ft.)

    6 Pallets of Sod installed @ 1.25 per sq. ft. $3,000.00
    Irrigation System: 2,500.00
    • Grass Zones
    • Shrubs/Flowers/Landscaped Zones
    • Valves
    • Clock/Timer

    Mowing @ 40.00 each X 48 times/yr 1,920.00
    Spray – Fertilizer/Insects a year 600.00
    Water Usage Per Year 800.00
    Total $8,820.00

    Recurring Annual Cost:
    Mowing: $1,920.00
    Spray: 600.00
    Water: 800.00
    Total: $3,320.00

    Natural Sod Cost Over A Four(4) Year Period:
    Year 1: $8,820.00
    Year 2: 3,320.00
    Year 3: 3,320.00
    Year 4: 3,320.00


    Synthetic Turf Install:
    Synthetic Turf @ 3.30 per sq. ft. X 2500 sq. $8,250.00
    Labor: 3 men X 8hr/day X 2.50 days = 60 hrs @ 15.00 per man hour $900.00
    Base: 40 Tons @ 15.00 each $600.00
    Infill: 125 bags @ 100 lbs per bag – 40 grit sand $625.00
    BobCat Rental ½ Day – To move base $150.00
    One Ton Ride-On Roller ½ Day Rental – To compact base $125.00
    Freight: $554.00
    Misc: $200.00

    Total Cost $11,404.00 or $4.56 per sq. ft.

    Charge: 7.50 per sq. ft. X 2500 sq. ft. = $18,750.00
    Profit: 2.94 per sq. ft. X 2500 sq. ft. = $7,346.00

    Charge: 8.00 per sq. ft. X 2500 sq. ft. = $20,000.00
    Profit: 3.44 per sq. ft. X 2500 sq. ft. = $8,596.00


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