All the bids are in.....maybe I got it right this time.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jul 26, 2000.

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    I hope I have it right this time! I have the bids just as received, I had to guess at a few because they had different price ranges.<br><br>Highest Mowing Bid: Fireman $1920.00 (gave 1 bid, I assume it was for mowing)<br>Lowest Mowing Bid: Accurate Lawn $901.00 ($26.50 per mow)<p>Highest Chemical Bid: Lawnman & Columbiaplower $900.00<br>Lowest Chemical Bid: Blacer $120.00 (5.25 per 1000, $30 min)<p>Here is the new and improved spreadsheet,, thanks for the advice on correcting the sheet.<p>Ray<p><br>
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    Interesting. If you were to include the area where the operator operates do you think a pattern would develop? Like Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast etc. The bid of $26.50 would not even cover my costs let alone allow me to make a profit.
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    With such a great fluctuation in chemical bids I am wondering how the high end was broken down. I have trouble competing with Tru-Green/Chemlawn - Naturescape - and about 20 other applicators. I still make money but a little expansion by the high chemical bidders would be helpful. Hell I might even learn how to sell the higher price to customers. Thanks.
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    How did Lawnmans 850 suddenly turn into 1200?<p>Just to reiterate, I think the big variations in pricing is based more on location than anything else. As myself and Stone have said, a lawn that size, in our markets, would get done for $25, but that doesnt mean I would do it, just that I wouldnt get the opportunity, since inevitably someone would bid it low. Someone elses market might get them $50 per cut. My big reason for not bidding was, there are no other accounts within 5-6 miles, which, in my urban market, means a 20-minute drive time from/to the next account. I would need to bid an amount that would automatically eliminate me from the running. Plus, I dont like wasting that much time fighting @$$#o!&$ in traffic.<p>Kirby, how many crews/employees do you have?<p>Bill<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: thelawnguy
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    Thanks for you time on this <br>need to do it again soon<br>art
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    Bill, this is a lawn I do which is about 3 miles from my home. I work mostly by myself at this time, I am looking to add someone maybe next month. As I've said several times now, I had bids that had wide price margins and I also said I goofed on the first calculations, here is the lawnmans bid exactly as it was sent to me, you pick the best price:<p>100 MO. FOR BASIC OR $850.00 FOR YEAR...NO LEAVES!<br>COMPLETE SERV. $175.00 MO. x 12 MOS.=2100 YR<br>WINTER ONLY 2 VISITS MAX PER MO.<p>Hope this helps, looking at the chem. prices I was on the low end and I plan on reevaluating my pricing on this service. Got to go get 18 holes in before it rains again. :)<p>Ray<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: KirbysLawn

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