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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Ron Wolfarth, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Here is a thread to use to ask questions or make comments for which you expect or want a reply from Rain Bird. This is an effort to keep other threads 'clean' and on topic. So, when I notice a comment or question off topic Rain Bird issues in another thread , I will direct you here to discuss them. That way the original thread can stay on topic and easier for viewers to use.

    Don't hold back. Just remember that your comments are much more credible when some measure of respect is shown. But this is the landscape and irrigation industry, not completely polite society. So, fire away.
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  2. AI Inc

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    Why dosnt nozzle selection on the 5000 go as low as hunter's? Not a bad head but cannot be used in many areas I work in that are on wells producing below 5 GPM.
  3. ArTurf

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    I'll go 1st. The WR2 has become my rain sensor of choice as of late. The only issue I've had is it seems to use batteries at a much higher rate than advertised. Seems as if I replace them on a yearly basis if not more in some cases. Not a big deal, at least the battery is replaceable, but since you asked.
  4. greenmonster304

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    Why have I had so many 5000s stop rotating lately
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  5. OP
    Ron Wolfarth

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    Here is the response from the Product Manager.

    "The WR2 sensor is advertised as having a battery life of up to 4 years. That is under ideal conditions. Some contractors replace sensor batteries once / year as a normal practice and often make this activity part of their Spring Irrigation Service.
    The things that can shorten battery life are prolonged and extreme periods of cold (sub-freezing) and the presence of moisture in the battery compartment.
    The WR2 sensor received the following product enhancements to improve battery life (as of manufacturing date code 1/13/14).
    1. 100% batteries are tested for proper voltage and current prior to leaving the manufacturing plant.
    2. Battery ships in a plastic bag. Bag protects against moisture prior to installation.
    3. Battery has coating of dielectric grease that serves as a protective barrier.
    4. Sensor printed circuit board has protective coating.
    5. New Gore-Tex like LED lens cover allows sensor to vent air and moisture out."

    Rain Bird constantly is looking for ways to improve product performance. Let us know if this doesn't fit your experience. We would very much appreciate hearing about it.
  6. HardRain

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    Why did Home Depot stop carrying the 1802 and 1803? They were my favorite supplier.
  7. Wet_Boots

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    Please, those heads should be pro distribution only. Plenty of junk heads for HD to stock.
  8. OP
    Ron Wolfarth

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    Home Depot is the customer of our Consumer Products Division. I have no information about that relationship.
  9. Wet_Boots

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    I strongly support a dividing line between pro and retail products, even if it sometimes is thinly disguised.
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  10. OP
    Ron Wolfarth

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    Rain Bird will continue to participate in that channel. I know this is a sore point for contractors because some homeowners will throw up the sale/loss leader price from the retail channel as a means of beating down the price from the contractor. But let's face it. They wouldn't be talking to contractors if they really wanted to do this themselves.

    Here is one reason for retail channel sales, the replacement sale. A homeowner has a professionally installed system and hits a head with their mower. They want to replace it with the same brand and model head to keep the integrity of their system. They don't know about the wholesale channel and many won't sell to homeowners anyway or the closest wholesale branch is more than 20 miles away. They just aren't going to drive that far.

    This is a very emotional issue. I understand.

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