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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Ron Wolfarth, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Can you synchronize them by time and have the ME3 run a dummy solenoid when any of the other controller zones are running? The ME3 will think the flow is its dummy zone. Set the flow sensor alarms and such off for the dummy zone or set the flow rate acceptance bands wide enough so it won’t alarm. Just a thought that hit me as maybe would work. I’m pretty sure the ME3 can keep very accurate time — what is the other controller? — if it’s clock is accurate enough, synchronization might well work.
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    It’s a ProC, so theoretically that might work

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    I went back to the site today to do more testing/learning of the esp me3 with flow meter.

    Seems one an alarm is set off when no zone is on the controller shuts down everything until alarm is cleared. Is this the case Ron?

    I cannot get it to learn flow from a station that has the main valve position turned off? In the case of this system there is no main valve but the MV terminal operates a booster pump.

    I guess these are scenarios they did not account for?

    I do have the settings set to notify and skip problem zone but not "All" zones
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    I haven’t worked with any RB WiFi or flow sensor stuff, so maybe this isn’t an option. Is the alert for high flow when the clock is not watering? If so, since you’re working of a psr, shouldn’t you not need that alert, because there could be no flow unless the psr was to fail in the on position.
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    As far as I can tell I don't have the option to not alert when there is not a station running but there is flow, if so I would of course turn that off. Maybe that could work that in on a update if it's not there now. There could be flow without the pump kicking in as it's on city water

    Waiting to hear from Ron on these things.
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    I'm wondering if you could use a small relay on the MV circuit with the flow sensor wiring run through it. You could set it up to where, when the relay is not energized by the MV circuit, the flow sensor would be disconnected from the controller.
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    Just talked to RB and there's no way around the High flow alarm turning off scheduled irrigation when there is flow other than what the controller has programmed. Another issue I have is this water source is used for swimming pool fill so it sets alarm and turns off controller every time it's used. They said they would pass it on.
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    Ron could you pass the following on to the appropriate people.

    Make it optional on flow settings to "alarm but not turn off controller" when flow outside of programming is encountered. Using a hose bib off of the same water source for instance. I figure this is a common situation.

    One of the new points of the ME3 is the ability to receive updates so I"m guessing this is a doable thing?
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    Put the pool auto fill on it’s own valve and station. Then they don’t have to worry as much about it over filling either. :mechanic:
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    As long as an auto fill is in adjustment it will not overfill a pool or pond.

    Pool auto fills are much like a stock trough or toilet float.

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