all you open trailer guys???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CURB APPEAL NC, Jan 6, 2005.


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    Where do you keep your bp blower(s) with an open trailer to keep them secure, safe out of the weather. I am setting up my trailer and this is the only thing im having a prob. with. I just bought the redmax 8000 and need a place to store it from THIEVES!
  2. newbomb

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    There is a company call trimmer trap that makes all kinds of racks and security items for lawn trailers. If you do a search for trimmer trap Im sure it will find their web site. It is probably
  3. cleancutccl

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    put an lockable expanded metal box across the front of you trailer for gas cans, trimmer line, water jug, bp blowers, etc.
  4. impactlandscaping

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  5. the scaper

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    Well I'm A little differant than most as I pull my 14ft trailer with a chevy express van so I keep all the hand held stuff in the van, have a bench seat in back for my workers and everything. Nothing but mowers on my trailer. Works great for me.
  6. andersonmowing23

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    I put everything in the back of the truck. Built my own holder, works perfect nothing moves holds my bp blower and two weedeaters and two cycle gas can
  7. LLandscaping

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    We use TrimmerTrap racks, they make lockable racks for blowers and trimmers.
  8. Soupy

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    I also use trimmer trap for BP and trimmers. They have a place for a small lock which works great for short periods away from trailer. Equipment is stored inside at night.
  9. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I use a rack from Buyers products and it can be locked. Last year the truck I used had a camper shell on it and if it started to rain i put all the handheld equipment in it and then at night it is stored in a building
  10. walker-talker

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    I built this rack for my trailer last year. I keep blower locked up in there...with tool box.

    Finished storage rack (2).jpg

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