All you Scag lovers I just dont get it

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProStreetCamaro, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. ProStreetCamaro

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    It finally happened today. We pulled up next to a crew that was cutting directly next door with a brand new scag ZTR that appeared to be a 48" cut. Both lawns are about equal in depth and thickness. These lawns are very deep and thick right now. I cut the front of our lawn with the Gravely 160Z and the cut quality difference was night and day. The scag simply did not have a real clean crisp cut compared to our mower. Honestly it was like a sore thumb looking next door. When we pulled off they were still cutting and the whole time they watched us. There is no dbout in my mind they had to be thinking our lawn looked much better. It is so much better that when I leave here to go home I may run by and take some pictures. If not I will tomorrow for sure. I still just dont get it.
  2. Tider6972

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    Well, at least Scags are named right:laugh:

    They are the only mower I haven't seriously considered, simply because of their hideous color! (yeah, i know that's a girly reason)
  3. tacoma200

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    This is not one of my better jobs or pictures but I have to take off such a large amount of often wet grass that the Scag or maybe a John Deere are about the only two that will do it period with out clumping up the lawn. There are Gravely's here and they leave an excellent cut but I notice lot's of clumps on their lawns. I would compare the gravely deck to the my Lazer Ultra Cut, it leaves a great cut but can handle only so much grass because it recycles it so much. No way I can get my bi-weekly done with a Gravely or my Exmark in the same amount of time. My Scag leaves a very good cut most of the time but never what I would call excellent like my Lazer. The type of grass makes a lot of difference. I could use the Lazer anytime but choose the Scag because of the heavy cutting I do. The above pic is only 5 days growth and it's thick and moist. You can't make the Velocity clump. That's my reason. It's the workhorse and the Exmark is there if I need a very smooth cut. I cut grass much taller than this on a regular basis. Were out in the country and the customer base is much different. The smoothness of this cut is more than enough for most of my customers. Just my opinion.

    web 1 1004.jpg
  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    I guess it depends on the conditions and type of grass. Everything has been soaked here this spring so far but I havent had any issues with the deep thick wet grass clumping yet. I just got done sharpening the blades a minute ago and the deck has no build up at all under it. Just a light green ring around the spindles and the rest of the deck is spotless. Our lazer with the trivantage deck would have been all gummed up already.

    What kind of grass are you cutting Tacoma? All of ours is the limp fine bladed northern grass. I dont think the scag decks create enough lift to suck it up and cut it real clean like some other decks do and thats why it doesnt leave that carpet smooth cut.
  5. ProCutLawnCare&Landscape

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    eXmark, enough said
  6. bj351

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    Scag FTW!!!
  7. Macdiesiel

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    Those scags are a funky ride too
  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    I would have agreed years ago when they actually had good cutting decks like the TriVantage and UltraCut but not now with the Triton junk. If I had to buy an exmark now I would get the Lazer AS with the UltraCut deck.

    Here is our TriVantage lazer hp 48" which now has 2,200 hours on it. We use it as a back up mower now days. Oh yeah it has an 18hp kohler and still runs like new. I cant say that about any kawajunky I have ever owned.


    Oh and if you ever get your new lazer to cut as cleanly as this in nasty spring conditions and leave a carpet like cut with no stringers sticking up then come back and preach exmark. Untill then keep a zip on it. Your preaching a mower you dont even own yet. Sorry if that sounds rude but I cant stand when somebody preaches something but really has no clue.

  9. davidcentralflorida

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    i cant help wonder if they even know how to sharpen blades, or when they need to be sharpened. if the mower was set up properly?
    it seems to me that care for any mower shows in the cut. so, is it the scag mower or poor maint to blame. david
  10. martyman

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    was his deck clean? and blades sharp?...

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