All you who have been using ferris for a while

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OSU 09, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. OSU 09

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    Any of you guys who use ferris been using them for a while. We have had many ferris mowers, 2 48" hydrowalks, 2 61" 3 wheel riders, 1 72" 3 wheel rider, and 1 48" ultrabelt. Now on all of the we have had (the newest being the ultrabelt 2005) the deck had some depth to it. I was in at my dealer the other day picking up some filters, and I noticed how ridiculously shallow the decks are now compared to other brands. Anyone else notice this? That is the main knock I have always heard about ferris too, is the cut quality. I wish ferris would make a better deck and also give some options wirh rhe walkbehinds in reguards to handles, they still only offer pistol grips. I'm just rambling i guess :confused:
  2. ford88

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    I have the ferris is200 61 inch way to much blow out in front of deck,does not cut well in wet or even damp grass,the deck is way to small in the front
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    My IS2000 Z also has way to much blowout at the left side of the deck. But only when going over short dead stuff or when making turns where I have cut .
    Now the 4500 I used as a demo did not have any. Still have not figured that out?
    But mine does cut great in wet grass.
    They could so some work on the deck. But the ride makes up for any issues with the deck.
    Be nice if we could pick the deck and mower and all other parts.

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