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    This is supposed to be an insecticide to treat sub-surface and surface insects. Does anybody know anything about this product and how much it costs? Thanks for all your help.
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    Hello Way To Grow,
    Another product that is coming out this season to watch for is ARENA from ARVESTA corp. It is a neonicotonoid like merit that has a broad label like the above mentioned ALLECTUS. The rutgers and penn state folks doing trials tell me that the product works well and is going to be sold at a lower cost compared to merit and mach II. Looking forward to these products this season! Have not asked about pricing on allectus yet. Will look into it.

    Pete D.
  4. TSM

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    ALLECTUS is imidacloprid and bifenthrin combination (merit and talstar)

    at this point i do not believe it is available in a fert combo but am sure it will be

    i can only assume it will be pricey? but in situations that warrant both surface and subsurface control it could be cost effective.
  5. Green Dreams

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    I wonder if the same rate will control Chinchies and grubbies all in one pass.
  6. Ric

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    Green Dreams

    Check your imidacloprid label, it requires a higher rate to control Chinch bugs than grubs. However it has a longer residual control of chinch bugs than bifenthrin.

    I think this combo has its place in lawn and shrub care. In fact I have been mixing a cocktail of WSP Merit and Talstar for shrubs for quite a while now. The big factor on the success of this product is COST.

    New Chemistry is leading our industry back to Granules. Power spreader are helping us increase production over Hose dragging. I have tried to tell the new guys to go with granules and forget the Big Spray tank. The larger the Property to be treated the more Labor Cost effective Granules become. I think the set up of the future will be an enclosed trailer with a Spread & Spray machine and Product dry storage. This can be pulled by a nice Grocery Getter That will cut total overhead for the one man band.
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    Ric said it very well!!! As a vet. of lawn care (27 seasons) i fully agree that dry chemical is superior! Spray rigs have there place and i do use them but the heart of our program is granular! I am very excited about allectus, we have been using 0 0 7 merit and fert talstar so this product could save us lots of time. How much more could it cost than we are already paying for merit? We are counting down the days to the lawn season, tons of snow her'e and i'm tired of keeping the snow equipment up and running.
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    I couldn't find the bayer rep. at the N.E.grows show yesterday. Doe's anyone have any new information on this product?
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    Bayer was at the LCAP seminar and they said they're trying to get Allectus out by Spring. No mention of anything about price, rate, etc...The article above is more informative than the literature given out...
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    have u guys use this yet?

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