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Allectus/Fert. Combo Pricing


LawnSite Member
Rhode Island
I am interested is using this product next year. I signed into my lesco account and it showed 5 different fertilizer combinations available but it has no price or label. Will this be available in the Rhode Island Stores in the spring? I need to find out pricing so I can set my pricing for next season.

Also there has been some discussion on the effectiveness of Merit on sod webworm & chinch bugs. Has this been proven or can anyone agree that Merit works for these surface feeders?

Please see my post in the pesticide forum about blanket apps. of talstar. It will give everyone a sense of what myself and others experienced in the north east this year. How can we be prepared next year and what we can offer as a preventative in our program for surface feeders and maybe grubs combined.
I just spoke w/ our insecticide product manager, and he informed me that we are planning on offering Allectus on fertilizer combination products for next year. Right now, we are testing different production runs to identify the best fertilizer product to carry the Allectus, and we hope to finalize that decision shortly and price the product.

As for your question about preventative products in the Northeast for surface feeders, I have asked some of our Northeast stores to let me know what they recommend and I will pass that info along as soon as I get it.