Allergies revisited/masks??


Yardley, PA.
Just wanted to hit that allergy topic again.
Was wondering if any of you guys wear any kind of masks at all?
Thought about those small white paper jobbies that you can buy just about anywhere. Although I think it would get hot has h*ll with it on. But if it works....Thoughts? Thanks.

Jonathan E.


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South East
I decided to go back to using the mask this year. Just when riding on the mower. I quit using them awhile back because it did get too hot. I dont remember if I just used them for mowing only. But I have to do something to stop breathing in all this dust. Especially last year with the drought


Seattle, Wa.
When I'm sneezin' hard and it's time for the pill, I take 'em at night before I go to bed. This way I'm not drivin' sideways during the day and I still get the control of anti-histamine in my body. Molds get me so you can figure what the fungi season does to me up here.


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I use the mask only when I have to,,seems your hot breath goes down the front of your shirt and makes a bad sit. even worse...My allergies are getting worse every year..claritin helps but not always.


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I went to the Doctor a few years ago to get an allergy test. It turns out that besides cats, I'm allergic to grass, pollen, trees, and lots of other outdoor stuff. These things usually don't bother me, because I've built up an imunity after all the years. As for dust clouds, I just close my mouth and eyes and ride on through.


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Im going to start back with the mask, i know its hot and just don't feel right on me, but here latley ive been coughing up alot of dust and flem for the leafs i think mostly, But im going to try and keep one on this year. They have proven that the dust,and mold spores are very-bad on the lungs. Marks Mowing Service