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Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
OK, over the years I remember reading several replies about allergies. I think many of them while discussing bees, dust masks, etc... I did a search on threads tonight and found about a dozen threads to skim through. None of them too recent either... so I thought it wouldn't hurt to start a new one.

Well, I guess I have been in denial a while about things. I used to be bothered by nothing other than poison oak, poison ivy, and fiberglass (like insulation). But something has changed over time and my histamines must be going wild.

It started with severe swelling from bee stings. Particularly yellow jackets. This was sort of explained away by me being told that over time and numerous stings a person can develop in increasing allergic reaction. As of the last time, I still don't have to have the Epi-Pen. Something like benadryl seems to help.

But also, over time I have developed some pretty bad sinus problems too. I can't really put a time line on it. But I used to only get a little hay fever type thing the same time every year. Not the case anymore. I don't know, but over the winter it seems it really escalated.

I'm not talking stuffy nose, itchy-watery eyes, etc. It started like that, with BURNING eyes on occasion, and I would say "I must have gotten into something".... but not anymore.

I'm talking about severe sinus pain that will get so bad you can't tell where the pain is coming from anymore, so I'm eating sinus & pain pills that sometimes help and sometimes don't.... and it can get worse to the point where I black out from the pain. Most often at night.

I thought this time it was a severe sinus infection, and it was, but I am starting to accept maybe that's not all it was. I couldn't get relief, but since breaking down and going on the Claritin 24 I've had no more pain. Amazing.

I've been doing fine in that respect since going on it, and I've also been more relaxed, which is nice. But I've stopped taking it as of now. For me the stuff is starting to get like a tranquilizer... It would be great for my insomnia... except I seem uneffected at night before falling asleep. Instead, once I go to sleep, I can hardly get up in the mornings and I'm droggy for hours into the day. So much so that I want to just go home, shower and crash.

And to beat all it's not supposed to even do this to you.

Maybe it's just me??? Because sometimes Benadryl jacks me up, and other times knocks me out? I dunno.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone else here has 'developed' allergies during their adult life... and I'm also wondering if you think it developed from years of mowing... and how you cope?

Myself, I feel unsure what to think. Maybe that's because I so want to NOT have allergies. I don't know. But I do see that we breath in a lot of crap over a lot of years... Yet at the same time I sorta think it's unrelated in a way, because the big change happened over the winter... and I seem to have more troubles at home than in the field now that I'm back to work.


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indianapolis, IN
Man, that is a severe drag. My thing goes the other way. Had to get weekly allergy shots as a kid, but now just an OTC antihistemine does the trick. I'm actually allergic to grass (I know, what an idiot) but it doesn't bother me until it's dry and blowing around.

You may want to check further on the sinus thing as it may be a physical problem. My wife had a sinus surgery about 6 months ago and it has made a world of difference.

And yes, the antihitemines get me a little up too. Really only notice if I take one too close to bedtime and then I'm just restless. Good luck on the allergies.
You may have sinusitus. Which is a chronic sinus infection. It can only be cleared up with a certain antibiotic, so go see a sinus doctor. An ear, nose and throat specialist.
I think it's chronic because of the way you describe the claritin affecting you. It only makes me groggy when it's actively working on an infection. Usually the first day of use.
The doctor can also show you how to irrigate your own sinuses. I do that periodically, usually after doing something stupid like grinding off rust without using a dust mask. It's suprising the amount of crud that I can flush out of my nose.
I think that with this type of relatively dusty career that keeping my nose clean is a necessity. I look at it as just another part of my personal hygiene. It prevents a lot of alergic reactions and sinus infections.
My ex wife had a lot of sinus trouble, and I've spent a lot of time (and money) in sinus and allergy clinics. Or if you need more info I could ask my daughter who is a nurse. She's actually lived thru her mon's "sinus wars". But I'm sure she'll reply like she's told me several times before, "see your doctor!"



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I had 3 sinus infections this winter. When I went in with the 3rd one it was so bad they put me on augmentin which is one of the most powerful antibiotics you can get. I took that stuff for 20 days and also they put me on flonase. It took 2 weeks but the sinus infection got better. I pray it doesnt come back. I was so bad I actually thought I had the flu. The only allergy that I have is to ragweed so in the fall I am pretty much miserable untill we get a heavy frost that kills it all off.

Im affraid my sinus infections are being caused by my collapsed ear drums. The tubes that go from my ears to my throat that allows drainage from the ears are both collapsed and its causing negative pressure in my ears which is why my ear drums are collapsed. It is also causing me to only have 50% hearing so I am constantly saying "what" to everybody I talk to. The ENT I went to last winter told me its causing constant ear infections and they put tubes in my ears to allow drainage and also to equalize the pressure in my ears. They were suppose to stay in 1 1/2 years. As soon as they put them in my hearing came back 100%. Well the first one came out 2 weeks later then the second one about a month later and my ears went back to being bad. I never went back and I think thats what is causing my sinus infections.


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volunteer state
go and see a ear nose and throat doctor asap.... i just recently had sinus surgery,i had chronic sinusitis,very painful surgery,but worth it in the long run. i am still getting over it as i speak.hope the best to you..


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Allergies aren't a normal thing that is supposed to occur in the body. Something is wrong or out of whack. After doing a whole body and colon cleanse I no longer have allergies, and I had them pretty bad, itchy eyes, runny nose, etc. A little secret drug companies don't want you to know, there are cures and ways of healing and reversing conditions and diseases if you target the root cause. Drugs only mask and suppress symptoms.

lawnboy dan

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north florida
go see an ent dr. there are lots of new meds that can help . dont take deconjestiants at nite = insomina. you can get shots if your allergies are sever like mine. made a big differance for me as i am allergic to pine and oak tree pollen


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I have had 2 full blown sinus surgeries in the last 8 years and 1 turbinate reduction surgery because I could never breathe. I have not only eaten dust from mowing grass and hay but from everything associated with farming including dust in chicken houses. I have not been sick with anything since my last sinus surgery about 2 1/2 years ago. I keep Simply Saline to wash my sinuses out when I come inside but if I feel the slightest burning in my nose or throat I use Zicam cold remedy in a orange and white box. It is a nasal spray that is Zinc Gluconate which will kill the virus that starts the infection. I have had many people use the Zicam with Cold-EEzE Zinc Gluconate lozenges after they had started with a common cold and it stopped it very quickly. I promise this is the best thing I have ever found to help this situation
and I use to have sinus problems and infections constantly. If I went 2 months without one it was amazing and now I have not had one in years and that is a real blessing.


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From a strictly medical standpoint, allergies can develope. If you have the terndency to become allergic to something, each subsequent exposure probably will result in a more severe reaction. This would be more noticable with exposures such as bee stings, poison oak, but does not exclude other allergens!
Envy Lawn Service

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Thanks guys, you all have been a lot of help.

I like to get a lot of opinions on things. The local doctors around here are not the best. Plus I have had a real hard time forming a personal opinion on the issue... and given I don't place much trust in these doctors... it's been hard for me to sort out.

I used to have an excellent ear, nose and throat specialist. I thankfully got referred to him by my doctor after a lot of insistance on my part over a silivia gland issue I was having.

It started with this puffyness under my left jawbone that would come and go. My doctor suggested a diet change and that the problem would pass. It came and went, came and went while I ate a lot of bland food.

Finally, it got where it would not go back down. Doctor insisted it was 'stones' in the ducts and said they would pass. I insisted on a referral and got one.

Very good specialist. He ended up doing my surgery. Turned out the gland had to come out. I had a big tumor/growth that had formed on the nearby tissue. It had pinched off the duct and really done a number on the siliva gland. All that had to come out and it was a real cancer scare.

Trouble is, my specialist moved away since then, and I don't have one yet I trust.

I certainly had a severe sinus infection. I was able to clear it other times before. But not this time. There was no relief. But the Claritin 24 has done wonders for the pain involved and I've had no issue since going on it and getting it in my system.

Due to the drowsy problem I skipped my last dose lastnight. Total turnaround today. I didn't feel drugged when I woke up and I have not spent all day wishing I could go back to bed. But it's been 15 hours since my missed dose. I'm starting to get the sensation of inflamation and a very mild twinge of pain. So I think I'll take my pill at noon.

Maybe taking it mid-day or maybe morning my help me be drowsy from it at some other time of day until I can see a doctor who will take this more seriously and investigate until he finds the root of the problem... rather than giving me an educated guess and a prescription.

I need a little more scientific approach from them to figure out if this is an illness, development of an allergy, or something connected to the weather, or something from my environment causing it.