Allison IVT transmission

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nosparkplugs, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. nosparkplugs

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    Allison & British based Torotrak have joined together as of March 2009 to offer a new Heavy Duty IVT transmission.

    (IVT) infinity variable transmission. Unlike continuously variable transmissions (CVT) found in snowmobiles and some cars already on the market, the IVT can handle much more torque. If its good enough for the latest severe-duty tractors and heavy earth moving equipment, it should hold up to anything we can dish out.

    Instead of having a few fixed gear ratio's like a conventional transmission, the IVT uses a variator, effectivley giving the transmission an infinite number of seamless speeds. Geared Neutral Feature means their will be no need for a clutch or torque converter. The engine is connected directley to the transmission or the tires. The IVT be it on a hill or stopped it will not require braking or a gear shifter the IVT can hold its own position.
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  2. JDiepstra

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    Probably a good idea to try it out in a Duramax first. No sense slamming it right into a real engine.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    I think Fendt uses them in their tractors, it's almost like a Hydrostatic transmission, they are extremely smooth under torque and heavy accelerating.
  4. Duffster

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    You can get them in Deere's to0.

    Doesn't rob hp and make heat like a hydro

    ps Dipstra if it can hold up in tractors it should be able to handle your "real" engine:rolleyes:
  5. PTSolutions

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    this will be nice, cvt's are uncanny for thier ability to be in the right "gear" (i know they dont have gears) for any given load/speed.

    i remember reading in an ATV magazine a guy was riding his quad in the mountains on some national trails. and we all know that you have to carb your bikes properly for the altitude you ride at, well since he was gaining altitude his engine was not putting out enough power but b/c of the cvt he said it found a sweet spot and was able to make it the rest of the way up there b/c it had found the perfect speed for the amount of power he had putting out.

    he said the sport quads with manual trans couldnt make it to the top b/c of only having a set amount of gear ratios.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    A fancy transmission that will cost you big money to repair when it blows up.
  7. bobcat_ron

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    Not really, Fendt is using a similar system, and a pig farmer I worked for has 4 of them, not one has problems, and the dairy farmers here use them now too.
  8. doubleedge

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    That looks really nice. I hope that they eventually release some for the 1/2 ton to 1 ton trucks, also.
  9. nosparkplugs

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    I will agree that the IVT would be expensive to repair, you obviuolsy did not read what the IVT does, increase production, better fuel economy and infinate gear ratio's. The EPA may burden the newer gasoline & diesel truck engines with emission hardware, but the IVT transmission will do more work with torque be it more or less.

    Might be better to say you cannot afford a truck with the IVT when I comes to market, neither can most of us.

    GR your always negative, this is not even a Dodge product.

  10. TXNSLighting

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