Allison MD 3060P 6 Speed Electronic

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Squizzy246B, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Squizzy246B

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    Isuzu are putting this box in a 33,000lb dump truck with the Sitec 275 Hp. Anybody with any experience or thoughts on this transmission in this arrangement. I'd dearly love an auto around town.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Even though that automatic is the strongest in the industry, sorry to say you are money in the bank to keep it stick.
  3. CutRight

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    definatly saves a lot of money going with a stick. I havent seen the numbers yet, but the truck dealer should have them for me tomorrow.

    eaton-fuller five speed is what im lookin at to put in a truck. 33,000lb GM 6500
  4. Gravel Rat

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    If you really want a automated transmission then you got to look at Fuller Autoshift far far stronger than Allison. I do say stick with a manual its cheap to replace a big juicer is freaking expensive looking at minimum 10,000 dollars.

    I looked at the options Isuzu offers you don't have much choice the transmission department. The FVR HD would make a perfect dump it has big litre engine heavy axles it would be the truck to buy and have the frame shortened.
  5. Squizzy246B

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    Bill, about..8K US at todays exchange rate for the Auto..Lotta Brass..but then I might not have a choice. I'll give the manual a run. I don't mind either way but I have to think of who will be driving the truck most. Johnny my partner has driven around the world about 50 times in trucks and his knees and shoulders ain't what they should be. Also, when I'm in the truck the phone never stops.

    The Allison box with the Hendrickson bagged rear axle gets the greatest GVM as well. Its a lot of money...I hate trucks..they are a means to an end...fantastic when they are running, break your heart when they stop..and most of the time they site around our worksites doing nothing. Hang on..sounds like a girl I once knew.........

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Then you have your answer Sqquizzy. The only few times automatics pay off is when you have a medical issue, when you are in a hard use start/stop situation like a garbage truck on a route, or when you need to creep along like a road stripper or hydro seeder just as examples. If your partner has bad knees and he will be using the unit alot, and your phone rings off the hook, the decision is made. Just take a small amount of money and set it aside for that day when the thing goes blammy because it will be an ankle holding adventure when you pay the bill.
  7. Squizzy246B

    Squizzy246B LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'll also set some aside for some grease then;)

    The box is well proven its more the electronic that had me looking for feedback.

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